The legend of Silicon Valley the story of the Y Combinator behind the acceleratorAnalysis 2012, suit

Tencent Francisco Qindao Beijing on September 27th news, according to foreign media reports, venture accelerator Y Combinator has now become a Silicon Valley legend, it support start-ups and provide guidelines for its business. However, it remains unknown whether Y Combinator will expand its audience.

but because of this, this kind of website is a great living space, because the flow is large, this kind of website, sh419 keyword search and the top ten, are at least tens of thousands of daily traffic, there is a good point, and original content is updated every day, even in the flow of more than about one hundred thousand, just hang what display ads or pop ads, the month income is five digits. But in 2011, such sites have been a big blow, that is, sh419 launched sh419 applications, the following to a screenshot, we see to understand.

Graham’s comment on the book can be summed up as "I think it’s interesting for readers to read this book.". In my opinion, this book is interesting from the three points, first, it is the first hand data is written based on the second, this is a new topic, for most people in third, it has broader implications."

you see, no matter what we now search keywords, as long as the search volume, sh419 applications are everywhere, almost all ranked first, it added a great blow to the living space of this kind of website is no exception, in 2012, so I do not recommend our individual owners in the new the year also do this kind of website.

, a columnist for the New York Times, has published a book on Silicon Valley and the dotcom bubble, the Silicon Valley Godfather eBoys.

, the launch pad, didn’t reveal much of the surprising secrets. There were just a variety of strategies for start-ups. They were very useful for people who wanted to start their business.

class 1: space, net name, constellation class,

asked: do you think Y Combinator the story behind the scenes have broader applicability? "Vanity Fair" is a selection of the book chapters, and titled "who wants to be a millionaire", this is a very inspirational, also can widely attract audience title. The growth potential of startups is in the form of economic power. I want to know, is that what you want to send to the public,

Taobao guest, the author here is not much introduced, if the elder brother, you don’t even know this stuff, then this article is meaningless to you. Taobao guest website as one of the most mainstream sites, the number may have or exceed the saturation point, especially the API of the site, they only upload up, then the program will automatically update daily collection of Taobao online content, personal webmaster convenient operation is convenient, but you have not thought about it. Site and significance, but also in the 201>


Stross: I think those who took part in the YC curriculum project


Stross 2011 Y Combinator summer class hatching course, from 64 companies for the interview, accept from the top the $150 thousand venture investment and business strategy in Demo Day decision to the final graduation results show, he was across the track.

this Thursday, Randall Stross Randall Stross will release his new book "the launch pad" The Launch Pad, in reality from the perspective of the record for a period of three months of training entrepreneurial projects behind the story.

second: Taobao, API,

Follow up

new year, imperceptibly we will soon celebrate the lunar new year, in the past year, as a senior webmaster I created eight large size seven stations, but most of them died halfway, all kinds of reasons, there is because the server is not stable off, but also because of traffic turn off the poor, because there can not find suitable profit mode and turn off the site. Because of the above reasons the site was eventually closed, I think the absolute minority, that in the end what the site is suitable for long-term operation we grassroots webmaster? Well, here I have to analyze several 2012 sites suitable for the operation of the grassroots.

Y Combinator founder Paul – Graham Paul Graham for the book’s evaluation is "quite accurate."."

below is a telephone interview with the author of the book, Stross, which tracks the Y Combinator accelerator project across the globe, presenting a person’s thoughts in different perspectives.


space station code is said to be in the last few years the most popular sites, the number of large scale, we have to search on sh419, out of the station mostly appearance template are similar, but we don’t even say, are the same, because the acquisition. But the net name, the game character name class’s stationmaster also not in few, the form also is similar with the code station, the template is nearly same, the content is also big difference. Constellation site also? And these two kinds of stations on the same situation, mainly by collecting a major web site constellation channel content for a living.

Randall Stross book "the launch pad" Tencent technology plan

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