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has seen many companies, after funding and team size, like to use high, high hit way into a field. For example, a momentum grand meeting, to mobilize a large number of personnel, the occasion team reached the certain field.

advertisement feed the station master? The answer seems to be varied. There are answers to feed, there are also unable to answer, there are new webmaster do not know. Able to feed a small number of people, and more of the webmaster is now hard to set up, busy update, and advertising revenue is weak.

wants to talk a little bit about the big team today.

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Zhang Zhidong, honorary president of Tencent Inc and Tencent, lifelong honorary consultant.

high high spirit products To be able to get advertising revenue

my website is aimed at serving primary and secondary school students, college students, teachers and parents. The website mainly provide educational news, courseware, learning experience, campus life, job recruitment, these are free, you can not underestimate these, he can bring a lot of traffic for me, here is how these will be converted to cash flow. My website also has two columns: tutor service and training enrollment. From statistical analysis, my visitors are divided into 3 parts, one is students, two is a teacher, and three is a parent. If it is accessible to the students, then it may need a tutor or teacher training; if it is, then it is possible to apply the tutor or teacher training; if parents visit, as may be requested for the children or tutor training class. Then I rely on recommendation tutoring fees, relying on training enrollment to make money. Specific on their own thinking, really do not understand, you can add my details.

first, even the Tencent’s founding team, did not have that far sighted vision;


One of the | Tencent founder !

1. from 0 to 0.1 to verify pain points and build consensus

product spirit is not good to describe, a good product is like a seed, from scratch, gradually grew into a sapling. The team’s founder led the team from 0 to 0.1, from 0.1 to 1, a process that condensed the spirit of a very simple team. When the team becomes larger, the product spirit is more easily deformed. In addition to evolving from the outside world, there are also changes from internal organizations and cultures.

this way to hold high, to show the determination and will of the soldiers, in the commodity sales, channels of heavy traditional industries, there will be a certain role in promoting team morale. But in the Internet industry, I personally feel the effect is very limited, the industry’s many failure cases, there are many Tencent internal failure to fight.

I have seen some enterprises, some of the team, in the start-up period, can make a very good product, but when enterprise development to a relatively large, money, people, strategy, resources for holding high dozen times, but will become mediocre products, but will not come out of the creativity.

then, how can we survive for the station where we can’t rely on advertising? How about the distance? I’m also a personal webmaster. My website is www.xuegle. May also belong to the industry station, but my station flow is not large, so advertising is difficult to make money. Many webmaster want to know how I earn money, here on the detailed introduction of the next.

Tony’s share at Tsing Teng University will tell you two important messages:

two, small team product spirit,

it is important for a small team to find out whether a soul is keen to spot the user’s pain points. The team may not be tall, but can deeply understand the user’s pain point, at this point on the basis of, in order to agglomerate a small team consensus, together to do something different, creative things. From the 0 to the 0.1 stage, whether we can hit the nail on the head and draw the consensus with the value of the product is a crucial starting point.

what kind of website, for example: Sina, , pcpop, stationmaster net, why they can profit by advertising? Can support himself or more people? A careful analysis of just a few points: one is the volume is great; the two is either the audience very wide Sina, belong to the portal, a wide range of customers, or specific industry pcpop belongs to IT digital, which is oriented to the webmaster webmaster.

Abstract: I have seen some companies, some of the team, in the start-up period, can make a very good product, but when enterprise development to a relatively large, money, people, strategy, resources for holding high dozen times, but will become commonplace, product creativity but will not come out.

second, there is no trust from 0 to 0.1 running in, and then more funds, resources, systems, processes also useless.

Internet is not lack of opportunities to make money, the lack of our innovative thinking. Let’s think together, let the bills roll in,

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