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Liu Qiangdong visits the distribution centers and warehouses around Jingdong every year. Each visit is related to the treatment of the employees at the grass-roots level. This time, he got angry when he visited the new staff dormitory in Suqian calling center.

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Liu Qiangdong: today I watched the dormitory building. I was really angry and wanted to hit people. I have said is a senior apartment, today saw a model, which was for four to six people, or even the toilet squatting pan, put in a block with a shower, it reminds me of 80s, southern black factory workers lived in the dormitory. How many times have I said, let the staff and the brothers live with dignity?.


Liu Qiangdong made a request on the spot, Jingdong staff quarters, each can only live two people, work for more than three years of staff, each person a separate room.

talk about staff five social insurance and one housing fund: save the cost is.




talk about employee child education: don’t let kids lose at the starting line,

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the introduction:

below is "meet big coffee" excerpt:

Liu Qiangdong: to the Suqian branch of the Brothers announced a good news that is the largest, the company will invest several hundred million yuan, the introduction of a Chinese best school for everyone, for example, the National People’s Congress, such schools outside the south, and in our office next to ensure children’s education of our brothers, let our children in Suqian primary school, junior high school, high school, with the city people to enjoy the same education, let the children with the city’s children stand on the same starting line.

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last night, Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong guest CCTV "meet big coffee". Liu Qiangdong talked about, Jingdong, one of the good standards of basic staff benefits, that is, after five years of work in the old county to buy a suite. He said: "we are now more than 70% employees throughout the company like me from the countryside, these employees who work in the Jingdong for five years or more, the vast majority are in the home county, local small city to buy a house."

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program, Liu Qiangdong also talked about, as long as the user experience is done, the cost efficiency to the extreme, profitability is a natural process. He does not want to artificially force the team to make money, but he wants everything to be natural. When a reporter proposed to outsource grass-roots staff to third party companies in order to save costs, Liu Qiangdong stressed that such costs are not allowed to save, but even more bluntly: This is a shame.

was born in rural areas Liu Qiangdong, from a poor family, lack of rural education resources, has made him deeply upset, in the town of absolute first he went to the county seat, in class ranked thirty-ninth. And 70% of Jingdong employees from the countryside, in order to allow rural staff children can enjoy the same education as urban children, he decided to gradually introduce more high-quality educational resources.

talking about dormitory: employees who work for more than three years, each person is a separate room,

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