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however, if only this as the core, point me, but also just a catering platform + distribution company, the same network takeaway ordering, the same delivery money, and other companies do not have much difference. As a major asset company, Zhao Jianfeng wants a more advanced approach: technology to improve efficiency.

ordering takeaway delivery platform +

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in addition to orders docking, takeaway key still in delivery. In general, the takeaway is divided into two categories: outsourcing and self catering. For most catering enterprises, outsourcing is the best way because of the shortage of one person per person. Take the grandmother’s home as an example. Usually, after ordering, they will pack the dishes and hand them over to me. In the whole process, I will charge 6 yuan per unit, distribution costs.

summed up, point me, technology to improve efficiency, promotion can be divided into three pieces:

quantitative change begins with the docking between the merchant and the user.

thin, from the beginning of 2009, Zhao Jianfeng has plunged headlong into the takeaway delivery market for nearly 5 years. Over the past 5 years, he has gone with the delivery of the start-up company, and I’ve been proven by experience that delivery can also be tall.

technical selling water

at present, point me in Hangzhou has been with the high-end catering business in more than 400 signed a cooperation agreement, the user in the point of me on the platform can achieve takeaway ordering. Point me, it has become the largest single market delivery company in Hangzhou, and orders from me have become an important part of many catering enterprises.

today, in the city’s high-end restaurants, almost inevitably queuing. However, more often, this queuing is not caused by inadequate reception capacity of restaurants, but businesses are limited by the venue, unable to arrange for the guests to dinner in a timely manner. In fact, the kitchen staff in the kitchen also exist human resources surplus. When demand is present and supply is possible, take out comes into being.

but Zhao Jianfeng decided to play, he resigned from a listed company, and the acquisition of a food distribution company, trying to use a slightly idealistic way to describe a new possibility. Prior to this, Zhao Jianfeng served in the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Surveying and mapping, and later entered the eastern communications. With a deep IT background, he firmly believes that when the most primitive human business model encounters the impact of new technologies, the industry will have the possibility of quantitative change.

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in fact, take out delivery isn’t as easy as it looks. If you remember we mentioned in the discussion of the final one kilometer 2C distribution efficiency, probably know difficulties in this industry: sudden large orders, crews are idle, still belongs to a labor-intensive nature of heavy industry. As an entrepreneurial project, the degree of difficulty coefficient is really high.

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