Personal Adsense business 4 months experienceThree cock silk youth, selling half a year of vegetable

they found it a universal phenomenon. In Beijing, a large number of aged 20 to 35 years old white-collar workers, but in their income off a similar situation, because some people are not do dinner, others are due to make a meal time cost is too high. In Beijing Huilongguan community as an example, if a normal white-collar work at 5:30, 6:30 at home, then the markets usually have closed, can only choose to go to the supermarket queuing to buy food, go home and wash dishes, cooking, cooking, eat one hour after the meal is fast. If you eat food on a clean and nutritious basis, you can save time to buy food, cooking, how much you can do what you want to do!

I think I will be the first sh419 Post Bar, the name of the website to register as a user name, picture also changed very eye-catching website name pictures, and then to the popular website Post Bar published my joke pictures, pictures are up to the name of my website logo, or with the popular post evaluation > back

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these 3 small partners are "the first generation of Beijing immigrants", that is, stay in Beijing outsiders, parents are not around. They found that eating delicious and safe dinners was always a difficult problem in life. This scene happened countless times, a person after work to buy food, cook, while sitting on the roadside stalls to eat a suspected drainage oil do gaijiaofan, while responding to the call for parents to ask their children to eat well exhortations.

buys dishes is for customers to log on to the website or order on WeChat’s public account, second >


imperceptibly my first website has been online for more than 4 months, it is the first step of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, recall the full confidence of the mood now is really a daily flow of about 20, chicken ribs, ha ha, I really do not know how they find my site.


I do is to see joke website, imitation is a successful website, then why do joke website, mainly on account of this website does not require users to pay, also can bring happiness, I rely on advertising to earn a little money, should be a win-win. He took out more than 1000 ocean purchased the domain name and virtual space, also the site for the record. Speaking of my bad luck, I do not covet cheap to buy private templates, but to find a more specialized imitation station site to order a set of templates, they really did not have to say, though I always put some small problems, but they can still be the first time for me to worry about I can, this is an important reason to keep down, thank you again for their


3 people think of half cooked food. This is not a new idea. In Beijing, more than half of the finished dishes are made by one family. Any animal husbandry told Chinese Youth Daily reporter, young dish Jun can make the semi-finished food company in a workshop, but engaged in the business of selling O2O Internet Co.

site of normal operation, I insist on the joke add pictures, but every time to see the flow, always found only about 10 traffic, adhere to a month or so, I know, should do the promotion. I check a lot of promotion, that is to write original articles by many webmaster recommended, and write original articles to bring traffic is long-term and stable, so I spent two days to write two articles, one is "don’t Ma Sike the penguin," a vip watch! Where the customer is "- you can’t make a millet", the article finished first after I go to the tiger sniffing network submission, expect to do the promotion at the same time might have some money, the tiger sniffing edit reply quickly: vip can bring what effect to Tmall? Another directly said no new ideas, and then was pass the. I continued around the net, just when I thought Brad, lucky suddenly fell, I got sent to the state editor of the mail business, "Ma Sike don’t the penguin, beware of vip!" was published. I immediately search the Internet, ha ha, see my article was on the day’s headlines, pride shows between the lines. I think the business is not too small site, traffic should bring a lot of it, the second day, only more than 390 of the flow, I thought there will be a few thousand, but I still hope this article can bring me a steady flow, the result is cruel, a few days later, the traffic is very fast every day at a level of about 30, I think I should change a way of promotion, after all, writing is not so easy.


family opened only half of the vegetables "company was able to get 10 million yuan level angel investment. In mid August, Chen Wen, Huang Chiwei, Ren and founder of the "youth dish Jun won the plum Angel founding partner Wu Shi Chun and nine joint ventures founding partner Wang Xiao jointly provided million yuan level A round of investment. They designed for the white-collar dinner program is: home work out of the subway, to the store to take the booked semi-finished food, home to stir fry, cook, half an hour will be able to eat a delicious dinner.

, Ren Mu, Chen Wen and Huang are students of Grade 2004 at the school of social and demographic studies, Renmin University of China. 2013, graduated a few years later, 3 people close to the thirty years of age to make a surprise choice — let others quit more than ten million annual salary "decent work" to sell vegetables. Of course, they do not put a stall, but to O2O Online To Offline, meaning "online to offline" model, selling fresh and convenient semi-finished food.

three people’s university students selling vegetables, half the time won ten million yuan level angel investment. With O2O Online, To, Offline, meaning "online to offline" mode, we sell fresh and convenient semi-finished food. It’s not a new idea. How did they do it,

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