SEO road – only persistence is the kingly wayCharm League 0.7 yuan into VR, a strong attack

            in the face of growing customer demand, only the WAP alliance has been unable to meet, Feng Jianrong decided to invest millions, with strong capital advantage as the premise, to build the most technologically leading domestic Web website alliance platform.

blindlyAccording to the observation of small

            with the most professional league team: both technical and operational, is from the beginning of 2003 in the alliance business, it can be said that they are the best understanding of the needs of owners, such as their advertising materials of a product up to 100 sets, to meet the different the webmaster needs. Such as VOD products, update the fastest songs and advertising pages, updated daily 30 pop songs, and 20 sets of advertising. To give you the best advertising, to maximize the benefits. In the way of cooperation with the webmaster, out of the traditional into the model, but also introduced the "security at the end", "monthly advertising position" and other modes.


            charismatic alliance founder Feng Jianrong was the original head of the 21CN alliance, which used to bring in more than 10 million of the company’s revenues every month. From last year, after 21CN left out of occupation ethics, no alliance with WEB as start a business, but the choice of more Pianmen WAP alliance, through more than a year of time, Feng Jianrong created mmclick Mmclick  WAP is the WAP alliance alliance has a brother, either from the owners of the resources or the number of advertisers finally, to the business income, only more than a year, has opened up a new market. In January, the company won the first round of millions of investments due to its outstanding performance.

with the development of the Internet industry, more and more people joined the " " in this industry to Wangzhuan;, but for the novice, blindly into this area, most of the time will be confusing, I do not know where to start, because many people always think of themselves never mind, no contacts, no technology, no money? In other words, it is in this industry have nothing at all! But it really? Although on the surface, these are essential factors in the survival and development of the network, so if all predecessors are related, technology, capital, network the? I think not, today with everyone together to discuss about how to start their new journey SEO, purely personal point of view, inadequacies also hope you correct me

no matter what, the mentality is very important, a lot of exposure to just add to the industry friends, found that many people are very confused and helpless, and joined the network in this industry, the times is a strange combination of circumstances this muddy water, but totally do not know their own goals and direction in which, while for a lack of direction and goal, a goal of no sailing ship, the winds are contrary to any direction, facing the opportunity, afraid of the wolf scared the tiger, and worried that he is not able to do this thing, and even fear of even the capital does not earn back, but there is no free lunch, what things to do that will only stay in the oral, then your goal will never be achieved, so, want to.

one. Don’t follow

            SP has a strong ability to integrate resources, because with a large number of SP customers, through the integration of operations, effectively improve the conversion rate of each advertisement, to ensure that the owners of the resources are fully utilized, for example, launched the first phase of the whole song business, are the most leading SP products, whether it is from the coverage rate, call rate, or call duration and other aspects is the industry’s leading. The first phase of the launch of IVR VOD products into 0.7 yuan / minute, is the highest in the industry. At the same time, the average dialing time up to 5 minutes of historical records, and fully guarantee the webmaster advertising resources to maximize revenue. This is why the first choice song beauty alliance product as a breakthrough.

            focus on the creation of funds strong momentum: to do the union, we all know that the requirements of cash flow is high, timely settlement, which is the most basic

two. Don’t be afraid of failure. Take the first step bravely.

years, join the webmaster this business, many people blindly follow the trend, which is holding " try " attitude came in, but blindly follow the trend, most people will not last long, because some money mentality too, the website also just completed the thought, second day money sitting at home, like this kind of person, from the start you lose, because this impetuous attitude will only lead to let you give up this road, because floating dry mentality is absolutely can not stand long time, so there is no use to follow suit no, but the network in this industry, we choose to enter in any industry, should not be blindly follow the trend, but should be combined with their own actual situation, only the truly from the heart of interest Love of things, we can long persistence, but not because of an industry to make money to do it. Remember in 04 years, he is accidentally exposed to the site, then slowly groping into the industry, the bitterness and suffering, no personal experience of people will not understand and feel the what kept me now? I think as I said, it is because of the interest " ".

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