Decoration network landing three new board for the renovation of the pain point, the founder saidThe


1, SEO. Sure enough, it needs concrete practice to realize the essence of seo. This piece is mainly internal construction and construction of the chain.

goes on to talk about external construction: what I do is personality


Huang Shengjie pointed out that the decoration of the two major pain points are caused by their uncertainty. On the one hand, the price of the decoration is opaque. How much does the decoration cost from the beginning to the end, and only a ballpark estimate can be made?. The subdivision, consumers will always encounter such as a gas cooker accessories to how much money, how much do you charge for the hose, plus fifty, one hundred yuan or one thousand or two thousand yuan is common. Consumers do not understand, not professional, resulting in always being professionals pit.

first talk about internal construction: build blog before, to their choice of objectives, key words are Latin dance, national standard Latin dance. The title is written in reference to Mou Changqing’s blog title. The Latin dance _ Latin Dance – Ji Zaibing Latin dance exchange blog. Because the dance industry to do SEO relatively little, almost no, Latin dance Baidu index of the word is about 600, so it was estimated that 2 to 3 months can achieve a good ranking. In addition, also looking for more than 500 long tail keywords. Ready to optimize with content pages. Each article is good anchor text, keywords will appear for the first time and bold, and remember the long tail keywords record, URl is standardized. Because of WordPress’s open source and the use of many plug-ins. It can be said that the search engine is very friendly, and at the beginning, 2 days later, Google included, 3 days later, Baidu also included. The opening was perfect, huh?. Unfortunately, a major mistake was made shortly afterwards. One day, when writing robots files, you accidentally banned all search engines except Google. So that more than 2 months, Baidu and YAHOO has only been included in the home page, and thought it was plug-in error, or into the sandbox. It was not until one day when I looked at the robots file that I found out. After changing a few days Baidu has continued to release some of the page. But now it’s still very small, only 25, of course, there are not many blogs. The voice of 16 stationmaster, only when the teacher talks, when some stationmaster carelessly accidentally wrote robots, I smiled, can not be me?. It is a pity that the blog update frequency is a bit low, with the construction of the chain is not, resulting in a lot of words in Baidu rankings are not very good. After all, Baidu attaches importance to content, Google attaches importance to the chain.

second, the duration is uncertain. There are many factors involved in the uncertainty of the project. It was originally scheduled to be completed, but it was never finished. One is the construction technology can be completed, another is Zhibuding where a material or send late, or out of stock, or send a problem to rework, which are caused by the core elements of extension.

December 2015, together with the decoration network obtained A round of financing, the strategic investment in the same period, VR leading enterprises dress up home Mei house 365, improve the enterprise ecological chain layout. Has reached a strategic cooperation with Tmall, sh419 finance to provide owners with better quality offline experience and staged consumer services.


promotion methods are enumerated.

at the construction end, together with the decoration network established a set of punishment mechanism. The whole construction process, users can evaluate the foreman, designer, principal business. If the complaints by users, light penalty, serious direct and foreman, designer, principal business contract.

10 spring festival when, at home idle more boring, just 09 years, the second half saw a lot of network marketing knowledge, want to practice yourself. So study Hot Blog mouchangqing, for his name Quanpin domain name, with WordPress to build an independent blog. So in February 21, 2010, little brother’s first independent blog was born. The mood of excitement is nothing to say, really did not expect the construction site is so easy. Unconsciously, the operation has been going on for almost 5 months now, and the relevant data are as follows.

it is understood that at present, together with the decoration network has accumulated more than 7 million service owners, Huang Sheng

can see from above, the small soldier is a low yield Bo, oh, still a little lazy ha. But Baidu snapshot is basically 24 hours, included and anti chain is normal. Here are some of the five months’ experience and lessons in promoting independent blogs.

how to solve the pain point of the decoration industry, together with the decoration network from two major measures taken. At the consumer side, all processes and quotations are transparent. Huang Shengjie said, especially the need to explain to consumers two problems, one is to buy your house, but the packages are not included, such as curtains and a relatively high degree of personalized products, the other one is people don’t need, but you need to. Decoration each is completely different, you may also demand different, super personalized of a market, or the structure of the house is also quite different.

TechWeb reported December 29th news, Beijing together with Polytron Technologies Inc network together decoration network recently officially landed three new board, became the first three new board listing of domestic Internet decoration service platform.

together with the decoration network is the national one-stop decoration service platform, the headquarters is located in Beijing, including building materials group purchase and Internet ready two core business. Founded in December 2009, the company has set up 16 branch offices and 10 experience stores, providing services to 49 major cities in china.

together with the decoration network CEO, Huang Shengjie has worked Soufangwang and Sohu focus, there are many years of real estate home experience, for the traditional decoration industry pain point, he has his own understanding.

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