For the double eleven selling electricity supplier website how to do well in the station optimizatio

dynamic web page

the product for the advantages of similar products is

electronic commerce website especially need to pay attention to the user experience and user behavior, which is one part of the site of the Shanghai dragon. Many owners do not know what to put on the first page, most of the websites using simple display principle of the latest articles. In fact, this approach is not desirable, for a sales site, you may wish to show you in this order page:

2, reduce the production of

would you recommend friends to buy

3, through the user click behavior to change the display contents of

Why The website?

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duplicate content experience?


any sales type web site is not formed in one time, according to different periods show different content. This paper is mainly to share electricity supplier website internal optimization work in two before eleven.

diagnosis of outsourcing website

decided to purchase the

1, check the Shanghai Dragon

URL label, reduce duplication products?

duplicate content is divided into two kinds, one is copying others article, a repeat page within the site of goods. Reprint articles do not say, focus on the latter. The website, different from the general type of website, the types of goods are complicated, many commodities have characteristics of repeat sales. According to the current search engine algorithm, repeat page within the site’s ranking will have a great influence, therefore, to minimize duplicate content pages produced is very important.

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website optimization is not limited to the company’s internal staff, for now, "

can reduce the content of duplicate pages through the following ways:

competitor’s website is the best template, not every business can make Jingdong, Dangdang and Taobao, but these big investment sites in the details of the deal than it did a small website of the best. Therefore, from the advantages of competitors is the most simple optimization method.

4, the study of the competition website

Details of ?

is more important when more carefully, as the recent love Shanghai algorithm changes, for cheating the algorithm junk the chain site, many sites suddenly collapsed. Therefore, both inside and outside of Shanghai Longfeng, need careful investigation, make a review of the list, by contrast, for example: domain name, record, space, buy links, website chain, content updates, website templates and so on. At the end of the sales season, try to do a web site do not change, nor touch the search engine to find a sense of content.

by 301 to

why do you often visit the

you buy the product of the


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