Analysis of space access speed and site access speed and different association

if the site access speed below 5S, the website can be love Shanghai spiders, if higher than 5S, then your station is dangerous, because love is higher than that of 5S Shanghai will lead to the failure of spider crawling timeout. There are a lot of new sites not included is the reason. Sometimes a region access timeout, this is quite normal, but if this happens frequently, it would need to clean up the site, find out the factors affecting the speed of.

website speed test tool can use the Kaka network address is: 贵族宝贝webkaka贵族宝贝/. If I need to test the access speed of www.xudianchi5贵族宝贝, enter the URL after the point can be determined.

space can be used to test out tools. The tool used is 贵族宝贝ping.chinaz贵族宝贝/. If I need to test www.xxx贵族宝贝’s space access speed, as long as the site can be lost into test.

The access speed of The speed of access to the

if your site to buy U.S. space, for the domestic service, Ping values are generally larger, if the Ping value is less than 200ms, is relatively good, don’t take this value to the domestic space, Ping value, not what meaning.

two, website access speed test.

the purchase of space, need to test the speed of space, domestic space, Ping value is generally good, if the Ping value is less than 50ms, so it is a better space velocity.

The evaluation and selection of The

four, the visit speed of website need long-term attention.

space fast does not mean website access speed, space access speed slow is bound to affect the site access speed. Space access speed is an important standard to refer to our purchase of space, site access speed is an important focus for our evaluation of the website.

The speed of access to the

we may encounter this problem: the beginning of time, site access speed is very fast, with the passage of time, access to more and more slowly. At this time, the need for the server to carry on the analysis,.

Effect of

we all know influence factors on Web site space is very large, so the purchase of space, space access speed is an important standard. However, many people still have some misunderstanding on the inside, such as space access speed OK on everything, actually not like this. It is necessary to clear the space access speed and web access speed is not the same concept, the following analysis.

three, the space access speed of website access speed.

space space is a sign of good or bad, but not your website access speed standard.

, a space access speed.

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