A little personal experience during the 15 days of Shanghai dragon optimization Changsha

nonsense, I still say that the station, according to the analysis of the recent optimization, love Shanghai is indeed pay more attention to the optimization of station, reflected in the content and quality of the above correlation, because now I only yesterday released a chain from the station, or the 28 push inside information I left the website home page link, found that the chain has its own home page and 28 push that link the second day, let me find love Shanghai update from the 2012-2013 algorithm is not only continuously, to help the users, and for those who seriously do the Webmaster Station are also given a high degree of attention, as long as your content is helpful to the user, and the content related to the theme of the high degree of love Shanghai will give you the proper place, no matter how much you are a new station, because any current my hair An article is after the reasonable classification, if with certain topics or some other articles are related, I do some appropriate inside the anchor text link to other articles, but also make corresponding labels, take Shanghai Longfeng optimize directory the following article, I will not look up at the end of each article deliberately in the key to the optimization of the home page, usually 2-3 article a few appropriate addition to the optimization of keywords to the home page, but try to put these articles together, so that it not only improves the correlation degree of the station, but also the important keywords to improve nature.

is a novel, love Shanghai will not sit idly by. For example, I optimized "Changsha >

the station lasted 15 days, yesterday finally included, discovered the main optimization "Changsha Shanghai dragon" keywords have been love Shanghai to promote the top 100, the first:

application, a lot of people are aware of this truth is not truly implemented, presumably a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice like me every day will have nutrition of Shanghai Dragon Mining Optimization article to learn from the Shanghai dragon related forum, but I suggest you absorb nutrition since it should be properly released, eventually become your own, so don’t just stay in Shanghai Longfeng optimal absorbing process, since these experiences help team website ranking, more should optimize experiment in our website, so we can really do a good digestion, can become your own things. You go to practice, the search engine will know what kind of reaction to you, in order to analyze how to do this in your later optimization, how to adjust, in order to facilitate the search engine more grab your content.

may think it is not difficult for them what, because I really started Shanghai dragon optimization time less than 2 months, every day in continuous learning and optimization experience through some of Shanghai Longfeng articles to practice, from the site to now 2 weeks, for me, was a little bit and we used to study experience, if the wrong place also please a lot of advice:


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