Discussion on the optimization of the four points of the website content pictures

with the development of the Internet age, the master is more and more, keywords competition is increasingly fierce, only to master some basic knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng webmaster is unable to get good rankings, ranking no keywords naturally without flow, but the pen recently found my site for a lot of traffic in love Shanghai pictures, then I saw a new hope to improve website traffic, here I will share with you through some of the relevant knowledge of love Shanghai. Shanghai Dragon:

(a) add a keyword in the picture ALT, and title as important title.

for ordinary programmers, do not pay attention to the optimization of the picture, the general picture code is written like this:
              < a href=" #" title=" KeyWorks & gt; " < img src=" image path " border=" 0" /> < /a>
              when doing image optimization requirements if you just move the mouse to the relevant picture pictures remind key words, words like this is the love of the Shanghai spiders cannot crawl, naturally the pictures of your site in Shanghai love picture library among the good rankings.


              in the past observations, we see many programmers to optimize the picture, the code is as follows:        
            < a & nbsp; href=" #" < > img; src=" border=" image path " 0" title=" alt=" image " image /> < " /a>
            & nbsp;; in my opinion such repeated writing, not only will not let love Shanghai spiders love, and will feel tired, like people will feel that you are very long winded, say because spiders identify the picture only through the ALT attribute to identify keywords, so people think.

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