Analysis of some characteristics of domestic Shanghai Dragon ndustry

2 only from the domestic Shanghai Longfeng level is low. Here refers to the low level of the overall level, that is to say, me too much, master rare. This is mainly because the domestic Internet slow development, school education can not keep up, social education is also a flicker of money, coupled with the large number of the network have a big flicker master to earn tuition, so the overall level of domestic Shanghai dragon again pulled.

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3 commercial application maturity. Tend to industry, products of Shanghai Longfeng, businessmen and managers have become more and more clear

3 Shanghai dragon talent concentrated in large company, or industry intensive enterprises, the company generally is difficult to go to the master.

1 got a hard to find, Shanghai dragon master industry less and less.

Shanghai dragon industry human level:

The characteristics of

2 website business, small business website and Shanghai dragon, and medium-sized sites generally larger proportion of Shanghai dragon. Because of the large web sites do not dare, it is not necessary to do Shanghai Longfeng, and small sites can easily do a few words, and then make money, but if you imagine large and medium-sized website sites that rely on the website ranking, more difficult, if you rely on the business plan to do the classification, the content is too much, and some can not afford to do. This is my personal opinion.

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1 home Shanghai Dragon technology is very low. It is clear that this is lower than the international standard, but in the master hand, concept, generally low, or can be understood as lower than the international advanced level, this is not only due to this technique is the first foreign company, is our people mentality too impetuous, from people’s education problems from cultural problems, just like most of the science and technology, Shanghai dragon industry, domestic level lower than international level.

Shanghai dragon industry application level:

so, originally intended to write a good article, but in neither fish nor fowl.

industry of Shanghai Longfeng technical level:

more than 3 black hat hat. Black links, mass, cheating, black hat Shanghai dragon should be more or stronger than the white hat Shanghai dragon, unless it is a very formal company, dare not let you. This is mainly due to love Shanghai’s technology is too weak, do not explain.

1 in love Shanghai rogue, more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to Shanghai dragon, large portal also strengthened the proportion of Shanghai Longfeng department.

to write this thing, mainly because recently wanted to write an advertisement, will use the relevant information.

2 Shanghai dragon officers lack of business experience and management ability, and strengthen the ability of technology.

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