A flow of money, how to improve the site conversion rate

really do not know how to maintain the site every day is the webmaster, actually did not take his cards burst! For this site, I want to do is only to show that: the type of advertising? No man as a man. As a user, the mood is bad, who would have thought to see your ad Click

two: your website is to let users crazy!

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web site, traffic is the first factor, however, the first golden rule you know to make money? "Conversion rate"! Every day doing the traffic, but not earn enough money to enhance the flow of many webmaster site beyond count! Try to think, not to earn money flow is not high enough, but is ignored: conversion rate the problem. Can not find the root cause, just to enhance the flow of the blind, as long as the flow lifting up absolutely can earn more money, but I want to say is: don’t you want to even if the flow rate is rising, also can earn more money? Do not know how many people have thought about the problem.

I think these are as a consumer some of the most valued aspects, but as a business website, but always ignore these. Many sites: on the website of the product in two words or three really do not want to say, in a word, the user is so relieved to give money to you? Look at the mall competition, any sales of the products, in the product packaging, there will never be any stingy. Is a clothing store, clothing is good, there is no tall model for its packaging, there will be a high volume of sales. We go to the supermarket shopping, the same price, must choose their own well-known brands.

a simple example, believe that every webmaster have online shopping search effort need products, finally what is the reason, let you choose its products? Price, quality, brand, reputation, sales, product packaging, popularity, credit, and even products on time.

there is a website, I find information, won’t stay even for a second, because I’m afraid I really crazy: open a website, I almost got I7CPU, 2GB computer graphics card dead website.

: your website to meet the needs of users of

of course, most of the web site, advertising is still very quantitative, but I also want to say is: it is not the first time you play advertising, is the most effective! Just like some websites: I haven’t go, will pop up information, what I haven’t read, you let me consult? I don’t know who you are, you let me buy it buy it, who would buy

these words, I give some examples, if your site can not meet these requirements, but also means: money, money, whether to consider? From the consumer’s perspective, how to think, never wrong, think oneself is stingy, more over, then you will do more perfect


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