10 optimization techniques streamlined web page

now has a lot of people begin to pay attention to this problem, and there are a lot of optimization tools, but these techniques are very easy to use, does not need to spend too much time, also do not need to re develop.

in Linux we often use the suffix for the.Gz file, which is the GZIP format, Internet today has become very common to use a data compression format, or a file format.

, for developers, the greater the amount of code, it is not easy to update and maintenance.

1, GZIP compression format

1, website code more users to download more of the loading speed will be slower. In China, the broadband and not everyone can enjoy the 20M, each developer heart is clear, the user does not want to wait.

for text content can be compressed to 40% of original size, this transmission soon, the effect is that you click on the URL will soon after the show, of course, it will also increase the load of the server, the server is installed in the general power >

, search engines crawl speed will be great impact to the website ranking.

GZIP encoding

generally refers to a function of the WWW server installation, when someone to visit this website in the server, the server will function in web content compression after transmission to the visiting computer displayed in the browser.


, as everyone knows, the rapid development of mobile Internet, to 2G network, load the 1.7M page even need a minute.


according to the survey, "the size of the average growth of 32% in 2013, an average of 1.7M, a separate HTTP request to reach 96, to tell the truth, this is a shocking number, but this is just a mean value, half of the site will be greater than this value.

in this paper, Ma Haixiang will give you some advice, although the first three recommendations to "lose weight" is not actually, but they still can effectively speed up page loading speed.

The influence of

HTTP protocol is a kind of used to improve the performance of WEB application technology, the flow of the WEB site GZIP is often used to make the user feel faster compression speed.




gzip is the abbreviation of GNUzip, it is a free software GNU file compression program. It is Jean-loupGailly and MarkAdler with the development of the first public release was issued in October 31, 1992 February released version 0.11993 version 1.

so, what is the effect of a "page overweight" website? Specifically, the following 4 points:

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