Fuzhou beauty training station optimization real photo sharing application


page to display the search, turned into a popular label, made directional anchor text.

version of phpMyFAQ 2.6.1

B, adjust the page similarityClassification page

A, the sidebar adjustment

I used the

my website: 贵族宝贝rumenwang贵族宝贝/

is higher.

content page is similar, the right sidebar, modified to display the same link current question answering. This page, content page, page classification, similarity greatly widen the gap.

search problem is each search result is the title (Putian Lanyun as like as two peas Network Company site can verify), this will also affect the included, so I put each of the search results title made changes, different results show a different title, the anchor text keywords into title. Are interested can pass.


lovely Shanghai search: Fuzhou beauty training, the second page view effect.

website program, as well as Putian Lanyun network company phpmyfaq program is phpmyfaq, but I know that this program is 09 years through other ways, but modifying and optimizing the static page was to learn Putian Lanyun network company.

joined the Fuzhou beauty training, has been in the study, the side of his site 贵族宝贝rumenwang贵族宝贝/ optimization, lasted about 15 days before, is ranked more than 40, now ranked 16, followed from the distance, but I am very confident this goal arrives soon.

2, Fuzhou beauty training station optimization method

lovely Shanghai search: Fuzhou makeup school, the first page view effect.

I removed the

C, the search function adjustment

I use the

core Keywords: Fuzhou, Fuzhou beauty makeup school training

adds a shared love of Shanghai.

remove the useless, plus a station, forum posts, control the number of each column, the first to avoid too many links, some people remember that should be controlled in 50, a similar number of I.

In 1, But

this program design is not very good, the original directly put all the quiz links, the sidebar contents are the same, so the page similarity is very high, included the influence effect, I have classified pages to add a summary of the contents, and the right sidebar, filled with pictures, it reduces the page the similarity.

page similarity I said the problem, but the authority of the teacher site can ignore this problem, love Shanghai is kneeling home included.

In fact, there are still

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