Analysis of the influence of user behavior on the Google ranking

1. noble baby Analytics

The content of The

Google visits a website user behavior:

3. noble baby +1

2. noble baby Talk

noble baby tag importance Effect of

5. Tool Bar

4. Webmaster Tool

in the serious homogenization era. Original content is very important, so in the layout of the content needs to be done to.

we need to understand these data come from, how to obtain these data.

Title description should allow users to the most intuitive understanding of the site, each page will have a title page, so Google pay more attention to the website title tag, should be concise, summary.

7. noble baby Chrome

6. Search Engine


and so on…… .

of each product is not on the website any impact included rankings, but only need to pay attention to is, Google for the website ranking investigation over many, then according to the Google webmaster optimization guide mentioned the following:

when the baby began to noble website statistics management tool to promote its noble baby Analytics, we will not. Difficult to find, in fact Google according to the reference data, and these reference data is what, before Chuanjun once in Shanghai dragon 5 tips how to improve the user experience mentioned.

8. Adsense/ Adwords

, a

on the Google user behavior, is good or bad, how should we look at, and what impact on the behavior of users of Google? We often think of a no traffic to the website will rank first? Is clearly impossible, I know noble baby in the ranking algorithm by adding more user behavior patterns in early 2006, the model generated data information at any time on our website ranking have a certain influence, so we must understand these patterns, these patterns are reflected through which data, we should improve the defects of our website using the data, and make the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, is today our topic.

noble baby

two, high quality content layout

then suggested to describe, bold key sentences or words, in order to facilitate the search engine to crawl to help users find the corresponding information, the same description is also very important.

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