How long can the new station to get a good ranking

two, the need to maintain the update rules of

four, patience, not to optimize excessive < >


we do not recommend new web site in the local test will fill in all of the content, we recommend only need to put the home page module fill some related contents can be online, do remember the bulk collection (copying website direct information make to their station is also within the collection), in the new period we can do some pseudo original to attract love Shanghai crawl, so as to enhance the site’s ranking.

, a new station on the line before the need to plan


Keywords the main

we can be updated daily or a few articles, their control of this quantity (and don’t see your time today, a 30, the day after tomorrow busy without an article). Why need new day hair article? Because we and the weights of the high site is not the same, we do not have the user system, and the site is very dangerous in the review period, so we need to update the article every day to attract spiders crawl and rankings.

on the quality of website I believe we all know, but what is the quality? In fact, what we usually always emphasize the user experience, basically very much now that the quality of the above mentioned, do not think the original is good, a lot of the original is original, but not related to the site theme. Readability is not good, may not be reproduced those good readability related articles. So I mean the quality is the guarantee of the readability and relevance in the original in advance, otherwise you will appear, why my article is the original article, why is not included, web pages do not put out.

many friends are very concerned about this topic, do a website needs time to have a good website ranking, in fact, this problem is a very difficult question to answer, rattan design done so many websites, also summarized a lot of successful experience, but still maintained an attitude, whether new or the old station, have a good attitude and have a resistance to live lonely heart are needed in the operation. Rattan design after years of work analysis, general popular keywords and website name the fastest 2~5 days can on the home page or 100, then we should be how to seriously look at this thing?

new website is our most common operation of the content of the supplement and set up a website (not recommended to set the new popular keywords, this will cause the user cannot condense), title, description and we need the program itself. But after the line on the website is very taboo to modify a little every day, so the site itself in the review period, you would only lengthen the review period, the worst will lead to false love Shanghai station was K;

three, maintain the quality of the

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