How to avoid the site optimization site was K off

1. K site was first to consider their own reasons. Website optimization is a long-term arduous project. The contents of data every day we have to update the site, the site of the chain and keywords. But its effect is very slow, so do not can complete the optimization of a short duration of time. It is a long process, a long time, it will be possible to achieve our expected goal. Therefore, we do website optimization of Shanghai dragon Er, we must first adhere to every day to do, not three days fishing nets two days of drying or anxious, we are in a period of time, all kinds of optimization work hard to do a website, then regardless of him, this website will naturally become worse, until finally killed. And when we do website optimization should pay attention to the regularity, which is completed on time every day how much of the original content, the release of the chain. No more nor less. If the update rules are no rules to the site every day, suddenly more and less, there may be considered cheating, long time on site are not good, will eventually be eliminated. Therefore, to avoid the website optimization Website by K, we must have the law, and insist on doing.

do website optimization for so long, the daily habit of first thing in the morning to open the computer is viewing your site. Check the amount collected their own website, the website snapshot updates, and the site of the chain and PR etc.. Used to see those changes every time a regular information website. When is the website optimization is not so stable and happy. Often there will be not in luck, for a few days, the website information changes slowly or simply without any change of the signs. I believe that many anxious website optimization had this feeling, it is your own web site is to be K off, why is there such a sign. Here, to share with you the optimization of the web site, how should we optimize our website to avoid our site is k off.

2. K site is next to consider.

we all know when the site optimization, the best is to realize the website snapshot update, followed by the web site outside of the chain and achieve a steady increase in the daily record. But it’s just wonderful to imagine our way to do this, also need a long way to go. Our website will appear occasionally snapshot not, or is included slow, but this is normal, we do website optimization will encounter this situation. It is necessary to consider when we have the website optimization, the method is correct, or change the search engine included algorithm, but this usually does not last for a long time, over a period of time is generally not too long the site will slowly return to normal. But the most tragic number will be over a period of time on the web is still not what improvement, but continued to decline. Why web sites are blocked situation? Here to discuss our web site optimization, how to avoid this website banned tragedy occurred.

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