Love Shanghai keywords ranking unstable how to operate

chain represents the basis of site, means of interpersonal relationship website. When the site is down right, should first check whether there is Links problems due to other sites, if Links site site is not the first home page, the snapshot time spent waiting, some have loved Shanghai right down the website will cause the keyword ranking is not stable, the search engine will be regarded as the same with the website Wu, caused by search engine punishment. As to find this kind of friend chain website, promptly removed, at the same time, find some relatively high.


update website content, search engine more love relationship with original content, another angle analysis, in the Internet, the starting point of the search engine is that in the whole network search for something more meaningful and relevant to finishing, to help users more information reflected, for browsing. Then the search engine is self love has correlation with the originality and the content of the web site, some sites may not update the website too and related content, as long as the love of Shanghai included, this website can often obtain the flow of the conversion rate is not high, can not meet the real needs of users, but not to the users however, the search engine will be based on time and habits of each user to access a website to evaluate the website. Fresh food is love the original content of spiders in Shanghai, frequently updated original content can attract spiders frequently visited sites, but collect some repeat rate is too high, timely love Shanghai had included, in the next update will be deleted, it will cause the included reducing phenomenon, in fact means that the site is love Shanghai right down. At this point, it should be continued to update the original content, in order to increase efforts to strive for the love of Shanghai trust in the site. Of course, when there is a certain weight site in Shanghai, in order to reduce the workload, can collect the appropriate content updates, but the time and frequency of updating the content must be appropriate and stable. If: new site has been regularly updated website content, every 2 original articles and 1 article pseudo original, but for a few days by other things delay so didn’t update the site, or because of other factors from day 3 article down to 1 article. These are likely to cause instability in keyword ranking.

optimize the website, most often do is web content and links, often both a slight error will affect the site ranking, and keywords ranking drop obviously means that the website search engine drop right.


when the Shanghai dragon worker Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive check on the website, keywords ranking but is most concerned about the data. It is understood that the ranking of words is equivalent to Shanghai dragon achievement. Shanghai Longfeng workers every day pondering on the search engine website ranking algorithm, however, the search engine of the website ranking algorithm is unfathomable. The website ranking is not stable or disappeared, the Shanghai dragon will undoubtedly bring some workers on the job will be hit, however there are many factors that cause the website keywords ranking is not stable, then as a webmaster how to disappear operation and processing site

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