100 Q & a website optimization Shanghai dragon must know (four)

34, do not know what causes the site to flow down most of

35, for customers, focus and several? Flow rate, conversion rate, registration rate, brand

mall site.

site map is convenient search engine crawling included, itself is not necessary to frequently submit, as long as the site can be normal. As for the site map submission frequency, the key is decided according to the number and update the site update frequency, usually arranged in a Monday update on the line.


33, Links website home page can not be on the first page? What is the effect of

, back?

site is not the first home page is not as simple to judge right down, is not the first home page may be within the page weight is too high, there may be other reasons, whether the site be punished according to the keywords ranking, the chain, snapshots… Etc. decision. It is not the first home page is no problem, don’t be punished on the line. But exchange Links, to regularly check each other site.

31, how to modify the title of the site can not be reduced or

32, frequently submit site map will have what effect on the site? Cause website ranking drop? What kind of submission frequency

? best?

in the process of contact in Shanghai Longfeng, everyone will encounter a lot of problems like this or that the wooden Shanghai dragon in order to let everyone know more and more convenient to understand these common problems in the Shanghai dragon, these are often asked to the site to ask Shanghai dragon optimization summary, a total of 100, for the convenience of everyone study, I will be the one to show everyone the answer, if there is insufficient or wrong place, welcome everybody.

combined with traffic statistics background website traffic sources, and to determine the site is search engine punishment, resulting in reduced keyword ranking. But this is only the judgment of search engine. We also need to look at other online sources such as web pages, Post Bar, blog, forum posts such as being punished or deleted, finally need to check whether there is a problem paid advertising website.


next to the theme of the previously mentioned 100 questions must know the website optimization Shanghai Dragon (three), here is not long winded, directly into the 100 site optimization question of Shanghai dragon must know the (four):

is the title of the page is especially important for website optimization elements, can not be changed, but not frequent replacement. But because the optimization requirements or market needs must be changed, that is to not hesitate to change. So how to change can not have a negative impact on the website? We must first set up the title, ensure the one-time change, then is in the website search engine is stable, no important update change, finally is modified in a timely manner to the search engine submission.

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