Through love love Shanghai Shanghai dragon sea by optimization techniques do Taobao ranking

indicated: this process at first glance is very simple, but careful webmaster will find that Taobao is like Shanghai as a drop-down box, the drop-down box will actually change the user search habits. For example, when you search for certain women, as long as you play women’s two words, according to the drop-down box will dress a keyword associated with 10 keywords and women related, this time the user is likely to see what you want, just click on the. We do so in Taobao, released when the baby, the ability to model the user behavior, and then put these keywords the title of the baby from the drop-down box to add up, so that when users search, your baby will have the opportunity to get to show, as long as the show if you are lucky, you choose competition small keywords and perhaps you ranked first, you should know that Taobao’s actual conversion rate is very high, there is a big difference between it and love Shanghai, users come to your shop, also worry not sell baby

2, the pretext of love Shanghai search results of

Shanghai, I love to study the user’s habits and behavior, do I still use the idea of Taobao. We all know that when the buyers want to buy Taobao, the first thing to do is to open the Taobao home page, and then enter a name to search directly to buy things in the box (i.e. keywords). Then directly from the results of screening.

to find the Taobao search results

second is found Taobao reputation, Taobao more credibility, buyers generally easier to trust, especially the crown above the level, so will lead to more traffic shops, the greater the amount of turnover, more naturally earn more.

?Study on

Taobao Daniel said Taobao ranking than the love of Shanghai is much more complicated, I do not believe, is a challenge, to find a feeling of Taobao optimization ranking. My idea is to take the previous sex Shanghai ranking approach to Taobao Shanghai Longfeng optimization, add some rules on Taobao itself, both to enhance the orders.

had sex when in Shanghai, we would love to do a detailed analysis of Shanghai’s search results ranking, looking for some of these rules, do I still like to go to Taobao, and obtained several important findings: the first finding is commonly added to disappear, adding 7 days package refund and other Taobao services, products to the seller did not join the top places, but also for Taobao, but also to join what can participate in consumer protection. The most important is the more you join Taobao service, that the store has more strength, more likely to believe that Taobao buyers, buyers trust for sellers is very important, it can be said directly contributed to the purchase results.

I love

I: so if you are the seller Taobao webmaster, you may wish to join the Taobao consumer protection what, try to get more chance, do not be afraid of a capital, is willing to be willing to get to. For >

1, through love Shanghai, love Shanghai via the search box to adapt to user search habits

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