The integration of Shanghai dragon and UEO is perhaps Shanghai dragon Er way

to obtain what is good ranking? The premise is this article to be included, if not included, everything is in vain. Then this article will highlight the theme, such as the subject of this article is "how much" construction sites in Shenzhen, to repeated costs and prices of these related words in this article, the user not only to find this article to highlight the theme of what is, and let the search engine easy to understand this article theme. When the trigger "website price" search, search engine will think this article correlation is higher, so the ranking is relatively good. Keywords blend degree is higher, then the value is high, this article has to click continue to reprint. There is strong correlation value, the theme to the good rankings are difficult.

two, content update and chain

a site want to get traffic, it must continue to provide the readability of the content, just like the muscles to maintain vitality.

Shanghai dragon is the search engine optimization, Shanghai Longfeng primary objective is the use of certain technical means or good rankings, increase website traffic. Ueo is the user experience optimization, the site for the user experience to optimize, improve the conversion rate of flow. Shanghai dragon is to search engine, ueo is for the user. Now the enterprise do network promotion most include search engine optimization, but pay no attention to user experience optimization, so the optimization result is to copy some of the content value is not high on the corporate website, and then to pure Shanghai Longfeng construction chain. Perhaps it is for this reason that led to the Shanghai Phoenix Forum reduced to professional hair of the chain; perhaps it is for this reason to light Shanghai dragon forum closed; perhaps it is for this reason that too much repetition of the information on the Internet; perhaps it is for this reason that led to the decline of the web site keywords ranking. So how to make our work in the Shanghai dragon and ueo each other together

, a blend of keywords and content readable

today I see as a paragraph to describe the development of "Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon uncertainty, you cannot predict what will happen after 10 years, it may be better than today’s market, may be completely out of the search engine, you can not make accurate judgments about its prospects. We are aware of the fact that the search engine rules change constantly, make you look the Shanghai dragon skills, in a moment do not work, you need to continue to cater to the search engine, search engine on any one of the important technical change, the Shanghai dragon can be a devastating blow let you become very upset." Look again after a few months of continuous love Shanghai K station, right down and website ranking drop, I believe most of the webmaster confidence in shock, no direction or even can’t see the light. Since the Shanghai dragon skills so difficult to grasp, so why not put Shanghai dragon slowly into the ueo, perhaps both, is our real way.

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