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website is love Shanghai drop right, included normal, how to deal with the recovery ranking without


1. if you are K out of the station, recommended to wait a week to see. The K station killed many websites, so there will be a lot of sites will be natural recovery. The webmaster hand will have a station to be K out, only 2 pages, customer service call to ask, I am careful with the customer to explain, let him wait for 2 days, and 2 days before the home page included and recovered after the weights are back, before the keywords ranking in the home.


"6.28" love Shanghai event, so many owners become more sad, Shanghai dragon road more and more difficult! Once again standing down the right and K websites.

2. if your site keywords ranking disappear, love Shanghai weight decreased. Most of the reason this time is likely due to the web server recently often temporary open, or is linked to the horse. As long as you adjust the server, after the program check whether there is the horse. Do these to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform and Google Webmaster Platform submitted a complaint review. This is the objective solution, ranking will recover. Of course, if your site before excessive optimization, such as keyword stuffing or buy a lot of garbage outside the chain, will lead to drop right, so take advantage of this time to get these things removed. Another is the long-term use of collection content or pseudo original content, the title and the article does not accord with the way, search engines now have the function of sentence judgment, if your statement is obviously not smooth, which will be considered as trash. When you start using the acquisition may feel included and rankings are also ranked high. But now I Shanghai WEB2.0 new rules for anti spam news. So this situation would be more serious, because many Internet now do Shanghai dragon website using acquisition, resulting in a large number of duplicate spam, a long time, the spider must know that your information is collected.

Shanghai natural ranking, must see the webmaster of each of the announcement.

That if we >

event 6.28, above announcement has said very clearly. Release date: 5.23, from 6.28 the date is 1 months.

the incident, many of the station was K. In the words of my own: K is a state of mind, not by the K is a kind of reflection.

25-27 June, many websites experience love Shanghai snapshot to June 15th or June 18th.

June 22nd morning, many webmaster have experienced K station and weight decreased, or the page snapshot disappear.

look at love Shanghai Webmaster Platform announcement: 贵族宝贝bbs.zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/thread-41-1-1.html

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