The solution of website drop right

3) website or website changes more than 30%, the website and website layout change 30% is our webmaster a taboo, the revision is completely changed the links page. The spider will think of our web site to do something new, as a new website, it will enter the engine credit period (table).


3, according to the website right down

4) site your domain name is not in the home

There are several reasons about

1) were included in the search engine of your site is slow, usually in the snapshot update time

1) website title changes how to prevent the drop right? Site title change is a normal thing, must not be impatient to change the title, the title of the words is controlled within 27 words, it is best to change the title and their related content. Step by step, but if in the long run must be large changes may also be consistent and content of the article. If it is not the same as the content of the proposal to do a station (you can directly buy a PR domain name).

saw their site is down right, really a headache, do Shanghai Longfeng optimization are likely to encounter such problems, Zigong Shanghai dragon is no exception, here I summarize a little experience and share with you, the site is down right after how to do, learn together and progress together. You need to figure out the meaning of the site is down right, also called the site was K, the website is search engine drop right or punished. When finishing Links, Zigong Shanghai dragon found that many sites have been K signs, and we all know that Links in site is K you will have an impact on his website, I used to have met Links station because of the station was K, is really injustice.

2) after your site keyword ranking drop or be completely out of

1) frequent change site title, the title of the site is like the human face, a face of a day, the search engine will for our site is no credit. So don’t change the website title, especially big changes.

2) solution of the chain, the chain high weight loss suggestions to throw a compensation of more than two. We are only missing links.

3) if high weight words you update will soon be closed for several days, weight may bottom half do not see activity.

2, the website right down


4) the web server is not stable, the web server is not stable especially when spider web sites often open the site right down is a normal thing.

2) lost site outside the chain, especially the chain weight high, resulting in a decline in the weights of the website. A large number of links will lead to the loss of the site right down, the other site outside the chain down right will lead to a decline of our website weight.

1, the website is the right of the

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