Webmaster actual site right down to determine causes and Solutions

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: the first benchmark data on Shanghai Longfeng data will generally anomaly, Shanghai dragon data weathervane is through the daily sampling 100 thousand sites to analysis data, relatively accurate.

when your website did not do any adjustment, there is no reason the website ranking drop, flow down, do not rush to judge whether the site right down, probably love Shanghai algorithm self adjustment due to the fluctuations of the website ranking. Then love Shanghai some abnormal adjustment algorithm.

Key words:

since mid June to the present, most of the website ranking floating is very large, the phenomenon of a lot of friends for their own judgment website right down, this revision eventually led to the website real right down, come from the data analysis, the main reason for most of the site to drop right is to love Shanghai self adjustment. In order to avoid the similar things happen, this paper records the site right down to determine causes and solutions.

second love stand tool floating data, you can analyze your web site keywords overall floating, you can also analyze other website keywords overall floating data, analysis of several peer data, multi analysis data to several colleagues, determine whether love Shanghai adjustment.

third: love from Shanghai algorithm adjustment announcement, like Shanghai told us Scindapsus algorithm, when the algorithm introduced many site Scindapsus, mistaken for violation of Scindapsus algorithm and drop right, then the site of natural restoration.


the site was attacked and you did not find, but does not mean you site is not being attacked, many industry will come with your gray weight to promote his products through the website to steal your folders in a page. There are many sites will add dark chain means on your page, here recommended you to do a good automatic backup site, when you can not solve the problem, can fully recover all data, and installation of online monitoring system of Web sites and other security measures.

website is one of the most worried about whether the reasons for the adjustment will be right down, in fact, love Shanghai algorithm is recommended for everyone to get experience to improve web site rankings, but most of the website is to completely replace the industry, or directly to a new site including the database template program to replace all. Here to remind friends, before the revision, please list the revision and contrast before the revision, the revised benefits after the revision of the advantages, it is not recommended that the replacement of URL and database etc.. Of course, if you are ready for the long-term development and the establishment of a new site, then is a new transformation, but I suggest you change a new domain from the new, old 301 domain to the new domain name, the domain name weight when the old domain inheritance, is very easy to love Shanghai assessment period.

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