The primary station completes the network promotion must perform well what

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is more than competitive network 贵族宝贝 we summarize some of the primary webmaster do network promotion must perform well what, also please the old webmaster exhibitions.

is to become the primary webmaster do network promotion must perform what? I as a primary webmaster, that there are so few points:


4, understand Shanghai Longfeng promotion knowledge, as long as the promotion of Shanghai dragon in place, compared with the traditional way of promotion is much better off, so long as the conditions permit, we must go to study and promote the collection of Shanghai dragon.

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, 2 of their competitors, its essence to its dregs. As the saying goes, baizhanbudai, only to understand the situation of the rival to better experience.

6, understand how to do network promotion advertising, know customer base, and then the corresponding web site advertising.

3, understand the product user groups, only know your product is what the user, you can have for the promotion of, it may avoid many detours, save time and cost.

7, a strong executive power, executive power is any employees must, especially the network popularization personnel. Execution does not mean you spent much time or how much do, but to find the effect of methods encountered in the network promotion, want to solve the problem, instead of giving up or escape.


1, familiar with the company’s own product, only to own the company’s products have full understanding to do network promotion and planning work of each other, probably when people consult your you can answer the emboldened.

know email marketing, event marketing and the use of viral marketing and other marketing tools. These means as long as the master a basically can cope with something.

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