Website optimization process should learn to ride on the long tail word

point let us now to do, even if we try hard at work, and it is not easy to make up, so we need to start from the long tail word, as we do in different industries, I will give an example from the type I do speak, I do is type QQ type the site is popular, because Tencent application, a casual word can bring a lot of surrounding traffic, here we explain the word QQ character signature. Before I do stand analysis of the word competition heat, as follows, the average index for 20W love Shanghai weekend double is 40W, love Shanghai search results for 1300W data, the same type of independent sites should be no less than 1 thousand, this is only an estimate, such competition strongly believe that if we directly optimize the QQ character signature it should be a lifetime optimization is not up. Unless you are a master of the master, or your relatives with love Shanghai, then there is love you Shanghai.

website optimization is a learning, web site optimization of the site has a good ranking plays an indelible role, we often meet some Shanghai dragon master put some content of the site is poor quality to the front of the site, it can not be said to have Shanghai dragon very attractive charm, it attracts many webmaster every day in the study, the practice of Shanghai dragon.


is not expected to do more, I began to analyze QQ character signature related long tail word, after some consideration, and ultimately determine the long tail word optimization, QQ sad character signature, QQ character signature, such word index is not high, but the competition is only several thousand heat is relatively small. Still have a chance to make up, because we choose the long tail word title with the key words are related, so we put up the long tail word optimization, keyword ranking will be promoted step by step.


I also love Shanghai dragon, but the optimization level of me is not how good, belongs to the rookie level, today we will discuss how to start from the long tail word, and make up the main keywords. We are doing the station, more clearly, now whether each site, there is competition, and competition are not in general, if you want to compete directly with those big words, can not say no chance, can say very little, here refers to a new term, key words long tail words, what is the long tail words. As the name suggests, the website of non target key words but also can bring the flow of search keywords, called long tail keywords. The characteristics of long tail keywords is relatively long, often is 2-3 words, even the phrase exists in the content of the page, in addition to the title of the page, but also in content. The search volume is very small, and unstable. The long tail keywords bring customers into the probability of customer website products much higher than target keywords. There are a large number of long tail keywords large and medium-sized website, the total flow is very large. Basic properties: long tail keywords is extensible, targeted, wide range.

The next step is

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