Shanghai dragon new cheating case analysis how do you see

process with the roughly bridge pages, home page, false and deceptive redirection.


power station group is infinite. Understand the station group after ado. I through the relevant personnel and provide this service after the chat, that as long as the domain name and provide enough huge long tail key to eat with a master domain name plus enough charge to the service will give you down (don’t think). So far the case came to an end, and don’t worry and continue to see.

and I came today about the recent new black hat Shanghai dragon technology. In fact, careful to say is not new. The core of the original is very simple. Only the old methods with new hype. The first to look at:


The test shows that Summary: the


said Pangu a chaotic world for the creation of the world; two black and white, yin and Yang opposite, but from beginning to end each other miserable living and confused, is the word of the sentence that the old dictum: all the negative Yin and yang. Gossip not say, Shanghai dragon has been such a way, though not enough light, but can not ignore the existence of black hat Shanghai dragon. Because this approach can indeed bring huge benefits.

of course also more frightening. Take the target site is hacker. To modify the site home page index.html. Some Adsense first parses the file is index.php. So index.html is modified after the content is completely unknown. Then from the above page to jump back and forth to finish a short time to achieve key words on the front page. To improve website traffic benefit growth.


some time ago I found a keyword about 800 index (temporarily confidential). The on-line master layout. Then analysis the more than 50 two level domain with more than 50 long tail word, main content update. Station group call. Baidu submitted before long one included, a week after the amazing discovery master ranking to the first page before 8. Then it provides a single direction Links maintain their more than 20 place one by one to the main station. And at the same time every day to buy some news sources and in the visibility of the soft launch. One week after ranking second. At 3 weeks the successful completion of the task.

see the diagram you also need to understand. The real hidden content page. The old way of cheating. But maybe you would ask this not suansha not ranking hiding in content and is not ah. It is important to

then said to you under the ranking principle: as everyone knows, is a huge power station group. If you dare not, what impossible.

this case above with the core idea of similar techniques. Hand manipulation process is somewhat different. We all know the news site in Shanghai with the weight of love. Now this is the purchase service process related sites provide the service on the soft wen. Then call up to the promotion of the product.

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