Personal summary writeup web site outside the chain increased

said the preferred site of course is submitted to the soft A5, A5 submission function enriches its contents also provide a channel for the increase of the chain webmaster. Through the examination of the articles will be reproduced every day at least dozens of times, and each was collected once or reproduced in an almost will add a chain. Only need to spend some time writing, thousands of the chain can be handy.

almost every webmaster all know this method, its effect is the best, should pay attention to when the exchange Links here will not discuss. Need to remind is link exchange platform is not only the exchange links, submit your site links, but also can increase the chain site.

58 city and Ganji classified information website can also issue the corresponding information, increase the site outside the chain. The chain is generally higher weights obtained from this kind of website, but a limited number of.

5, Links

forum signature should be the most common of the chain increase method, using this method we only need to find the weight of high BBS, then the user signature with anchor text and URL, although the chain of this quality is not high but the number increased rapidly. The weights of the website promotion is also very helpful.

this is a kind of method is not only simple and efficiency is also very high, casually in the net search, find the corresponding website URL will fill the tool automatically. The principle is automatically position. Fill in the various Webmaster Tools site, use left these Webmaster Tools site after use, similar to the "recent website" and do the chain on record.

1, forum signature

online tools

3, classified information website

in Shanghai dragon industry has been circulating the content for the chain for emperor king said, every Shanghai Longfeng practitioners should understand the importance of the chain website, but how to increase the site but is troubled by the thousands on thousands of webmaster effectively. Here are some methods that can help novice webmaster and some for the chain is about the webmaster, hope you can find a suitable method to increase the chain site.


network favorites is a good way to add the chain, but not many people use it. "


almost all of the blog are open review mode, while most blogs allow URLs and keywords left commentators in the comments when every comment is equivalent to a chain, pay attention to some weight higher blog, when these blog articles, the first time to comment, then some comments a little longer, and the content of the website is to be left echoing a little higher effect much better.

network favorites

4, the chain increased

2, submitted to the soft

blog comments

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