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5. Shanghai dragon -H series label using


use >

CPS belongs to the enduring Wangzhuan type, people do software, people do host, people do electrical appliances and so on, anyway, many people do it, because a lot of money, do a lot of people. Many people do not have competition, we went along for the ride. So, I will choose the relatively few people do the "WordPress theme" CPS, made more than 1 years, yields, and share with you today the site of the Shanghai dragon strategy, or is the method of operation.

4. Shanghai Dragon – processing technique

6. – Shanghai dragon plug-in

2. fixed link set


reasonable, generally a page number: H1 x 1, H2 x 2-3, H3 x 2-3

Here we use the

3. – Shanghai dragon Title Skills for the treatment of

can be seen from the figure, I upload pictures, add a title and replace text, some people may think that this 2 is not important, in fact, from the records of the cnzz can be seen, some traffic is coming from a noble baby images, is mainly a picture of ALT and title.

The importance of The use of H series label

1. theme

of each subject name as title, remove the words, such as "Next Business WordPress – Responsive original Theme Download", we only choose "Next" as the file header, so generating fixed connection, URL becomes next-wordpress-theme-download.



we do is the theme of the site, showing also guide the visitors to click to buy, so we should choose the picture display themes, because the theme of the user can through the theme of the preview to attract users to browse.

H series label, as we all know, to tell the search engines of the current page, what is important.

because we hope that through the "name + Download" this kind of keywords to attract traffic, so we will be fixed link set to "/%postname%-wordpress-theme-download", the words reflected in url.

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