Share my experience of Shanghai dragon to help you improve your keywords ranking and weight (two)

after the title change ranking.

see here you will ask, how to restore it is right down. My main work is to increase efforts to update the content of the website launched 5 posts per day. Are the latest news content. At the same time to replace the independent host. A simple sentence is what you have to do better than the original. At the same time analysis, the reason to be right down, I think I was right down my title set too long. So, the site is down right, don’t rush to change the domain name, insist on doing it. As a webmaster heart to strong enough..


to change the title to the top.

, how to improve the collection of

in the previous article, I mentioned the need to ensure the site every day to update the stability, and other problems that need attention. (here I will not repeat it) recently, I site by replacing independent IP virtual host host. Included feeling than the original increase obviously. Personally think that the site open speed and stability also affect included. If your station has been included are very low, try to change the virtual host independent host. A IP below so many sites, I feel the impact is still there.


Effect of

personally think that priority should be given to do content, the chain is auxiliary, that is not to say the chain is useless. First of all, the site is doing for others.

, now restore ranking.


three, the content and the chain, which is more important?

how much?

two, change the title of the

in the previous article, I mentioned the novice do not change the title. But I was changed, the reason is I think a good webmaster must go through some things, you will have experience. The influence of large? A screenshot of an article, then love Shanghai weight 3, after I changed, just give me down into 0. Keywords are 100 after the next day. After a month of hard work, now gradually rise up the rankings are. See the screenshot below.

following a my original article everyone’s approval and support, I will continue to publish second comments. Hope to help more owners out of confusion. On an article, you can search for the title of this article, two articles together to see if. I believe we can help many beginners oh. I wrote the experience for their own web site of Shanghai Longfeng experience, can not guarantee that every website application. On the subject of this article is to help the novice webmaster get a good ranking, today the theme of this article is to discuss how to get a better ranking to do.

One month after


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