On the 404 page will transfer into harm his chain using 301 redirect

and the meaning of the original author is how to grasp the weight on the one hand, to this weight of the chain directly back, and not let go, here, I also have my own point of view, this is the chain itself "贵族宝贝xxxxx贵族宝贝/rich-snippets.htmlGFQ", the chain link is over 404 pages, if you put these pages 301 off, this situation and website appeared in a large number of 404 pages, and then directly to the 404 page 301 to a page is the same; if your site has 404 pages, so in order to prevent these weight loss, it will all these pages to the home page 301? This is not consistent with the search the engine, if you want to know about it, just love Shanghai "404 page 301 to page you can understand more harm".

404 page treatment, many websites with 404 pages are not well treated, some sites will be 404 page 302 to page 404, some 301 pages to the home page, which meet the eye everywhere they are well intentioned, perhaps, but in the eyes of the search engines, is a very bad way. Why, the direct use of noble baby administrator’s guide you can find the answer.

original author, 404 points to the chain of errors attributed and external sites caused by this sentence, but the 404 no ground for blame, wrong, is determined by their own website program, since there is no way to escape, such as the page in the A5 can also appear a lot of live like that the suffix 404 page, directly behind the accession to the 1.html, 2.html, can, That’s all., but if someone deliberately plan with the form of the chain link to this page, that is to bring the link, website That’s all., at most a 404 page, and there will be no other.

first, then according to the original idea of writing. The original "here that the internal error is not generated 404 site 404, but due to the spider crawling error error URL to this station outside of the chain, the formation of 404 corresponding code. Is the 404 page 301 page can be turned to normal access we should take, make the weight can get normal transmission."

A5 today to see an article "using 301 404 error transfer of the chain", as the original, you see, when I read the time of the whole article, the heart can not help surprised, when 404 pages can become a site outside the chain, in the above, the author will use the 301 flexibility is very good, but by the way and method, the author does not agree with me, so I scribbled a 404 page, will cause the chain transfer into their own hazards using a 301 redirect. Then according to their own understanding, this kind of harm in what place?

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