n the case of Shanghai Longfeng site layout optimization

today’s case is Zhaoqing tourism website, the following I will do my best to teach you how to optimize the station of Shanghai dragon system. You will find the original system guidance, optimization is so simple.

high commercial value was defined, the next is how to layout a large number of long tail keywords, my approach is not even the long tail keywords index are included in the station optimization, did not miss a. To a large number of long tail key words, or to think from the Zhaoqing tourism tourism itself, people tend to associate to Qixingyan, Dinghu mountain, is the famous tourist attractions, so from the perspective of classification of customer experience should be classified tourist attractions in Zhaoqing, the top navigation is suitable to put some noun introduction class keyword, I chose Zhaoqing tourism price, Zhaoqing tourism, Zhaoqing tourism agency, Zhaoqing tourism, Zhaoqing tourism route. The rest of the key words how to deal with? Add a classification: Zhaoqing tourism hot search, all the words are arranged in an article do optimization, such as lack of theme, is to maximize the use of all keywords.

first of all, we have to do the site is about the Zhaoqing tourism, then we must be ready to do keywords in the station before, this is an extremely important step, because of the keyword setting determines our website will get what kind of customer, decide the site’s profit channel. The Zhaoqing tourism is one of the two class city keywords, because with love Shanghai index words is not much, mainly in Zhaoqing forum, Zhaoqing tourism, more Zhaoqing tourist attractions of the search words, if we analyze you will find the search of tourist attractions in Zhaoqing are thought of Zhaoqing tourism, Zhaoqing is not the most the local people, so to Zhaoqing local tourism companies in our website advertising, the basic game, because foreigners travel to Zhaoqing has been with the group. Since the field is off, so I went to the hotel location, there are a lot of foreign guest to the hotel, although Zhaoqing Turisthotellet day search number less than 50 people, but the flow of high commercial value, can be combined with local resources, finally I also chose Zhaoqing travel notes, these words are foreigners understand Zhaoqing tourism information search, the hotel security is indispensable, I finally put the title set to "Zhaoqing tourist attractions, Zhaoqing travel notes, Zhaoqing tourist accommodation, 7 days hotel.

optimization is not a myth, just consider how to put all reasonable keywords on the web site, the key words text aim to home.

In fact,

The main keywords Forum

source: Zhaoqing www.gditeam.org

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