Love Shanghai 3 touch the single variable method for the evaluation of Shanghai Sony Ericsson touch

, two distinct

, a unique title: correlation of

format: focus on

Test Description: then the old hook is mainly on the test key mark, still 32, 16 group. One group is a conventional format, another group has obvious highlight (bold, color difference).

The so-called

test results:


test results:

before you love just speculation Shanghai preference structured article. The old hook test also confirmed this point. On the one hand, structured to visitors reading; on the other hand, the paragraph is clear but also easy to love Shanghai word, so section length clear, clear the punctuation is better than the eyebrows beard grabbed the article.

1, the title should be unique. On the Internet, acquisition and pseudo original majority, many articles have similar title or similar title. Therefore, if the title of the article on the Internet now does not exist, so this article included and ranking will be better than the other.


test results:


test: the test in the next 3 days, the old hook in the same website published 30 articles, a total of 15 groups. Among them, each title and content is the same, but there is a clear hierarchy, the other one is only piecewise no punctuation.

2, the title should be correlated with Before

single variable method, namely in the two experiment, a different control factors, other factors are the same, the observation results from. For example, lose weight, the same food every day, 10 days before running for half an hour, half an hour to ride after 10 days, and then look at the effect of weight loss for two days, can know that he is more suitable for sports. Love for the Shanghai test scores too, as follows.

Shanghai for the website as everyone knows, love is the main consideration, and the chain. For the love of Shanghai, a high degree of preference for the original article, good quality. We now know the website itself weight high, a large quantity of reproduced website, authoritative, and included a good ranking. But some of the details of the problem, a lot of people are able to "feel" but do not know why so. For this, the old hook using a single variable method, a series of web articles test, groping for 3 big love Shanghai for the details of the score.

. Love has been on the Shanghai database industry thesaurus optimization method is roughly article segmentation, and then compare industry thesaurus, conjecturing the industry and classified. Because the weight assignment title is greater than the contents of the article, the title and content are some related industries, the ranking will be better.

test: the test in 3 days, the old hook at the same site released the 13 group, a total of 26 articles. Among them, the content is the same, each with a different title.

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