Love is all about Shanghai snapshot

I can think of, they are now often lack our own operation, we can through the web log, to observe the spider love Shanghai.

B. love Shanghai snapshot does not affect the ranking, ranking does not love Shanghai. Just like PR, is used to change the Links just chewing head.

C. The contents of the same rate is too high, is used to collect the contents of spider web content that garbage.

first, let us look at our understanding of love Shanghai snapshot, as for what is love Shanghai I will no longer speak more, here to explain is:

two, snapshot update

Why not

three, how to let the snapshot update

The Some of the factors cause the snapshot not update

B. website is not updated for a long time, or update without regularity, love Shanghai to the frequency of the spider crawling less.

D. website, causing the site to return to love Shanghai assessment period.

1. website to frequently updated content, and preferably has a certain regularity, combined with their own situation, rich web content. For the website content, to the original in the first place, at least to improve the degree of the original, this is very important. Can not remember today > 1,

E. server is not stable, difficult to access.

if your site has been included in Shanghai love, that is said to have been the site of the Shanghai love positioning type, after this love Shanghai spider crawling frequently website, if you do not stick to the update website content, is likely to lead Shanghai to give up love to this site, once started, don’t give up.

, who we misunderstood love Shanghai


of personal blog in Shanghai Longfeng road in June 1st by Shanghai love assessment period, the snapshot has been fixed in June 1st, and now 10 over the past few days, the daily updated blog content stable, content is pure original, but still does not see the snapshot follow, for the noble baby, 360 search and soso. The search engine has been the latest snapshot. Feel a little confused for love in Shanghai, so to make a comprehensive analysis to solve this problem, the way to share with everyone and learning.

A. love Shanghai snapshot weight. This conclusion is absurd, there is no direct relationship between the frequency and the weight of the site snapshot update.

C. and Links love Shanghai. But never mind, but love Shanghai snapshot is an important index of exchange Links to see.

A. website punished, right down, cause love Shanghai spiders not to crawl. The site l had to be punished, not the latest snapshot has been a day when some improvement after practice, now is the day of the snapshot. That is really reflect the website snapshot health index.

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