Love Shanghai to promote the introduction and use of assistant keywords mining tools

mining is the most troublesome thing, we often do not know our customers want to search what kind of words, so the keyword mining is the most let me trouble, however, love Shanghai launched a keyword mining tool, which helps us to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, this tool called love Shanghai promotion assistant, this tool will need to register to use this tool, the function is good, I do Shanghai dragon was to use this keyword mining tools, the effect of the commonly used method is much better than us, I will introduce the use of a tool,


sign in click search promotion.

Enter the

out we should optimize the classification for later. Keywords mining the more the better, which helps the layout and Optimization on the key words. From Nanning Shanghai dragon team 贵族宝贝nn Shanghai dragon 1贵族宝贝/ please respect the author of labor,


search promotion page, click a keyword tool in the toolbar.


then entered into this page, we can carry out the operation.




keyword, if we use the word "mobile phone:" I want to use this word into the mobile phone search search box will appear on the mobile phone, the word keyword can be out, can choose what we want to do their own words.

After the

We must first love

Using the method of

Keywords Finally, we should tap the

we can search out the word and then into the search box, search again and so on, this can continue to find countless words. This is also conducive to our optimization, but this time only 300 search search keywords.

landing Shanghai promotion assistant, do not know where the landing, please search in the search box: "love Shanghai love Shanghai landing will be able to find no account, please register. Here remind the registration password to use case with the number to register successfully.



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