What are the main principles of keyword selection

two, the main keyword is too long or too special

Softbank technology believe that the webmaster should know that keyword selection is very important, if the selection of a new keyword is improper, the consequences are disastrous, could you choose keywords few search keyword optimization may choose after ranking is very high, but the flow is very small, and even affect the overall site, these all is possible. I was in the wrong choice of keywords, leading to the long tail word several times more than the target word to flow, so when choosing keywords must do keyword research, so as not to cause catastrophic consequences. The following Softbank technology communicate with you about the main principles of the choice of keywords, keyword selection of hope is the Webmaster Help to.

with the development of the Internet, through the website marketing products is also a surprising phenomenon, whether it is a traditional business or tourism, real estate, talent, education, electricity supplier or, in almost all through the website marketing, so the site has become the most important part of the enterprise and in the industry. So far, many new sites launched, may also be an industry multiple sites, but in order to exceed competitors or want to get traffic, order some more, many bosses began to pay attention to the site optimization, especially the choice of keywords, keywords may be many sites before selecting the no effect, or the effect is not very obviously, so today’s topic is the main principle of the choice of keywords.

, a keyword not too broad

first, is not too broad keywords. Meet the customers, many in the choice of keywords are too broad, such as real estate company boss, they want for the word "real estate" is optimized to do tourism company want to optimize the words "tourism". I would say, you should forget these words, these words are too broad, and these words competition is huge, if you want to put the real estate and tourism to love Shanghai keywords ranking top ten or top twenty, is almost impossible, unless you consume a lot of money.

is the second, the main keyword is too long or too special. This is inevitable, in the choice of keywords to your home page when more popular keywords should be aimed at the industry, attention is not too wide.

also, even if you website ranking for these keywords to the home page, search this word to the user is not clear, the conversion rate is not high, and the search for real estate people really want to buy a house? I was responsible for keyword selection and deployment of a traditional enterprise website, through the keyword research find products and product word long tail word is huge, word search product users are very small, and the product of the long tail word search volume is very much, fully explain the possibility of broad keywords brought traffic and poor transfer order is also very low, so this kind of broad keywords not recommended.

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