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"+1" button will be what kind of impact on the flow of my

in search results, personalized notes display your web page next can improve the site’s exposure rate, can also make the your site more attractive, which in turn will increase the probability of the user clicks into your web page.

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recently made a "I love" button, the button is still not love Shanghai publicly, so far only.

search engine algorithm change is very big, many webmaster rankings are large floating. Although I do not know what joined the search engine algorithm, but I noticed that Google and love sea launched the "user experience own button".

Google clearly pointed out that this button will affect the keywords ranking. So in order to improve the Google rankings, or to fix the button, after all, it has become the Google ranking one of the factors. But at present in the Chinese have not been implemented, but estimates will soon spread to China.

if a social circle of friends of users of your web page to "+1", when the user login and nobility baby when performing a search, the search results will be the noble baby with the names of these people. If the user is not on the circle of friends you "," +1 "is the relevant search results may display the web page to get the total number of" +1 ".

compared to strangers recommended content, related to the degree of friends and acquaintances recommended by the content is often higher. For example, the professional critics provide film is good, but with your like-minded friends the movie for you may be more practical. Therefore, in determining the degree of correlation between the noble baby web page and the user query you when will make appropriate reference to your friends and contacts: "+1". This is just one of the baby for noble related degree determine the web page and ranking various basis, we will continue to adjust and perfect the related algorithms, to improve the overall quality of the search. As with all new ranking factors, we will be careful to enable "+1" and actively understand the influencing factors on the quality of the search.

"+1" button can help people find some relevant content from their familiar and trusted friends (such as the website, search results or noble baby ads). The user can add your website through the "+1" button on the recommendation of your content; so, when their friends and contacts when performing a search, and search the contents of the most relevant content recommendation will be displayed on the corresponding noble baby search results.


"+1" button will affect my website ranking in the search results of

"I love Shanghai love button"

"+1" button is how to affect the search results of

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+1" button, the following is a reference to Google’s +1

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