The Shanghai dragon Links experience novice exchange

for Links sources, this as a novice webmaster do not worry, the source link is very rich, the most common and most convenient is the variety of well-known friendship link exchange platform, such as go9go, Z5, Chinese resources link platform link platform, 77link chain platform, registered in these sites after release, link exchange information, it is in itself a good external connection, and from the screen to the satisfaction of their own, but also to let others take the initiative to come to exchange links with you, thus greatly saving themselves in this time and success rate.

two, seeking sources, multiple forms of promotion

my site is a new sites, so not even what website content are not included, a bit not want to exchange links with others, we need to update the content of the website, multiple original content, and then go to exchange links. This is the so-called strength. New sites are not included, others certainly don’t you exchange, even if others are new sites also despise you, not so ambitious in the exchange links. And sometimes change the link to pay more attention to the construction site of the way.

called the "KMT government, high quality content, especially the original content, means that the high quality of the chain. With the weights of the website promotion, the chain of original content will naturally increase. The chain in the form of natural belong to the search engine in favor of the high quality chain. The increasing weight and flow, the ranking of nature is a matter of course. So to attract more and more to do with your website link.

optimization for the maintenance of a website, Links exchange between sites is essential, whether new or old station, almost all Links this section, outbound links of a web site is directly related to the website included snapshot and do a good job, can enhance the site’s overall weight and keywords ranking, now I am here to talk about some experience for link exchange experience:

, improve website content, to the content for this

In addition to the

link exchange platform, but by now the most popular online communication way — QQ to find good links, professional Links exchange QQ group is a lot of yisou, and a variety of industries. Every day online, exchange messages all the inside of the exchange links Pumianerlai, after the first time to select their own satisfaction website can directly contact with each other by the group. The group does not have to be many, but must be targeted, have some relationship with the website, so as to make better.

soft is a webmaster compulsory homework, a novice webmaster may think "Wow, that must be very soft, in-depth study of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge can be written, so hard ah, actually this is not difficult at all, as a webmaster, every day as long as the heart to treat their own website, it will be harvested, and >

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