The use of love Shanghai Webmaster Platform link submission tool included after exactly how much fas

1, the initiative to push the collection of speed is the fastest, we recommend that you regularly add high quality website links through this way to love Shanghai, to ensure that the link was found in Shanghai in love. Attention is the new high quality links, if repeated submission history links, low quality links will lead us no longer trust you submit the data.

we sports.sina贵族宝贝.cn to the domain name sina sports as an example, sina sports use link to active push function after 1 minutes of the page up to 45.38% of the total, a day included the proportion of 87.42%, pushing the average acceleration time of 571.77 seconds, shorten the time included explicit.


Submit the functions of

edu.people贵族宝贝.cn as an example, people贵族宝贝.cn education channel using the links submitted push included page accounted for the overall proportion of 50% within 1 minutes after feeding, a day included the proportion of 75%, pushing the average acceleration time of 708 seconds, and included the amount increased significantly; then we contrast does not use active push submit links the site, a similar site, do not use active push for capture, 1 minutes included 0, 1 days the amount collected is 11%; timeliness greatly. After comprehensive comparison can be seen that the active push effect can be said an immediate link.

link to effect? We will tell you in two cases:

and love Shanghai search engine launched in Shanghai Webmaster Platform in the link, through the active push function to update the contents of the initiative submitted to love Shanghai, love Shanghai will search through the original identification algorithm to excavate the original content, was identified as the original content will be included and ranking for specific keywords fast protection under the.

because search engines every day to capture numerous information content, there will be some less attention or ignore information cannot be taken into account to grab. Then you need to submit the site on their own initiative URL link, of course, the premise is must be included in the content is based on the website to provide quality content for the user.

also has several points to the site to be concerned about, submitted by the tool links these points can help the site better:

as the site managers, whether the site can be included and how long can love Shanghai love Shanghai included two points is very important, whether it can be collected before many articles talk a lot today, teach you an effective way to shorten the time to be included.

2, automatic push: no webmaster summary URL then push operation. With the help of the user’s browsing behavior to push the trigger action, eliminating the owners manual operation time.

How to use the

3, sitemap function can be used to submit the historical data and important data to love Shanghai, or will some regular updates to a web page. "

We go to the domain name

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