The line on the website before you really ready to work

for the website, a good server is very important, especially for new sites, many webmasters may think, a new website did not buy what traffic, so good server too wasteful, such as flow in for a good. In fact, this idea is wrong, imagine, if your site is just on the line and in the spider crawling access speed is too slow, do you think it is your first impression of you? And in the back of the day often visit the spider crawling, your site is slow and unstable won’t open so, the server will make your site never in when a large flow.

(a) choose a good server, do not mean that a few hundred dollars.

in our website program template all set up, the essential is to send some content, but this time is not to say that you copied from other sites in some content to fill into their own websites can be, but we need to develop their own websites according to the initial theme around the real value of writing the content, the only way to search engine spiders to leave a good impression, also let our site

(three) high quality original content 100%.

(two) planning website theme and their optimization scheme.

we all know whether any of the new station, in the on-line time often will experience a long time of the audit, is not possible to say that our website just on the line there are many users through the search engine access. For a development, want to successful webmaster, is undoubtedly the most harrowing this waiting, but we can’t change the fact, so we can only shorten the waiting time by our plan.

both the novice webmaster or old webmaster worth mentioning, we all know before a website needs to do the preparatory work, the need for detailed planning as before we do something to do. But for many webmaster friends do the station is mainly divided into two groups, one is commercial, another is of interest. While the small railway station will meet with you, is exactly just launched yesterday, but before the line small is also considering a lot of factors, so draw a line for solutions to share to you, hope to be useful.

has its own unique ideas for many webmaster, below small share is prepared to own in front of the line to do, welcome to explore the shortcomings of

! After

every site should have the value and meaning of his existence, but when we create a new station must do what to consider the theme of the site, so as to understand the industry and collect relevant knowledge and website keywords and etc.. And after we determine a good website theme, we should compare the outstanding website to observe the industry and if this site is for you, how would you set the optimization scheme.

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