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short, Lu Songsong is the reform and opening up the first batch of build up the family fortunes bosses, it is their friendship and contribute to the community, and strive to build a mutual learning and exchange platform. Thank you for this group of people the most lovely, with them, as long as you’re learning the domestic owners of the road.


on the famous Bo news reports of the Lord, that is beyond count. At the moment with a master reverence for the pursuit of a strong, Frank’s footsteps: Lou song song, graduated from the University of Electronic Science and technology, born in Sichuan, grew up in Beijing. Is the webmaster industry in early 2004, after graduating in 2006 formally engaged in the related work, the construction of independent blog in 2009. So far, a number of domestic blog Lu Songsong Bowen comments most, one of the most active independent blog users. Master should go to worship, whether from the well-known blog, we can get the webmaster what

3, master the vicissitudes of life.

is the webmaster expert, have unique insights. Network optimization technology is a continuous development and progress. Plus now the network knowledge is uneven, many optimization are misunderstood by people. Here, a successful case of God and elite opinion, whether it is a veteran of the search optimization, love Shanghai promotion, or the new 360 search. Webmaster articles, the latest message, the latest comments, tags list, which is not a US station outside the station optimization model can be used for reference. Light is his promotion of "Lu Songsong" brand idea, how many people will go in front of.

blog is one of the most popular keywords of this century, is also a good channel we loved the webmaster. As everyone knows, the blog promotion, the blog chain is a topic of a commonplace talk of an old scholar. But the days in the chain now difficult, most of the results are unsatisfactory blog. How to send the chain blog, blog promotion skills, how to run their own blogs and other issues, has been plaguing us. This does not, look at Lu Songsong blog, you will get a lot of blog operation skills.

1, Since

read 10000 books is, when we are still confused in network optimization of the future, there is all the great God, engineers, veterans of the employment and employment experience, a unique view of love in Shanghai, Tencent, Qihoo, HUAWEI Corporation IT. This year what is the most important, the most important vision, experience, style of conversation. In the face of the industry in 2012 the "white terror", come here for a rest, your life will be wonderful.


network optimization techniques.

in the domestic industry in the Shanghai dragon, never missing master. We talk about Zac, Cardiff, Wang Zhiwei, felt about Mou Changqing, Lu Songsong, far beyond reach; Ding Tao, everyone knows you in the world. In the next few, they have not qualified to comment on who the best technology, here is our webmaster good Paradise: Lou loose blog.


blog operation skills.

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