Guiyang Shanghai dragon how to let the user back again

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said the site updated articles, I believe everyone will definitely what difficulties, who will update the article, it also used to take out deliberately say? But in fact most of Guiyang Shanghai dragon people do not know how to correctly update the article. Update the article mentioned here is not to say that adding several key words in an article which has been formed, do false original can. But to understand the needs of users in the premise to you, as they provide can solve the problem of content. Now most of the sites are basically decided to sell their products. No matter how you rank in front, the needs of users is constantly changing. So you need to identify the needs of users, to win customers back.

Guizhou Mazzoni suit understand a lot of people think that a website can benefit, the most important is the rankings, so many are just starting to make Guiyang Shanghai dragon people will work hard every day in the rankings, tired to death. In fact, Guizhou once network company know Guiyang Shanghai dragon is to do rankings, but in addition to the rankings, we also need to take into account the user’s return.


now, as long as we open a website, so basically will pop up a variety of pop. You know a kind of experience in such a very bad. Many people are worried that the user does not relate to yourself, so motionless on the pop-up dialog box. But you know, no matter how you want the user to be able to see you, the user is very disgusted with this pop. So, you pop too much but also ride to the opposite effect, is not as good as in pop does not interfere with the normal browsing of users. The users themselves are not stupid, if necessary, they will contact you.

1, regular updates to customers different questions

Guiyang Shanghai dragon. Many webmaster website, hope that their website can do innovation, but for users, they will have a sense of visual fatigue. So the website construction is still the best law-abiding good.

Need not too fancy website design

2, forcing the user to consult the malicious bomb box

Guizhou Mazzoni Guiyang Shanghai dragon suit about doing these, there will be more back rate, bring better results for the site, bring greater effect for the promotion.

3, website design should not fancy complicated

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