Blue Tower WAP point of view wireless search must devote great efforts to cultivate WAP advertising

over the past year, companies are focusing on publicity, its various facilities and technology, stage, in addition to their products, on the technical aspects of the text, see most is the founder, CEO faceless, industry experts to talk with the call status, should match the various media for its production the background of experts, Europe and the United States to study, pioneering, technical elite, creative mode and so on; you Changba me play, we play are similar in the course of time, the audience will play tired, funny is the actor also tired, because when companies communicate wireless search market prospects, has not said what unique ideas, not without, but can not say that, long said the superficial things, who feel boring. Concerned about the long-term dynamic wireless search company, so I can obviously feel that we have to stop the restless trend, soft little, executives did not come out so frequently, I think, is the good dressing for a long time.

scams like this happen almost every day, every game, every server. Would such a situation is mainly due to the opaque transactions in the virtual space, the transaction at the time, the choice of trust to buy one often only very passive, not active, credible or not credible information. Of course, there are also some cautious game player choose face-to-face transactions, but face-to-face transactions exist many drawbacks, the first is trading difficulties in the game game player from all corners of the country, you can not guarantee that you have the required game player on the side. In addition, there is also a potential threat to personal safety, which also had been taken hostage and forced a game player trading case. Therefore, many experts began to call for the government should strengthen the field of management, and the author thinks, the government’s management should be in recognition for the virtual property, legal and clear virtual goods transactions. For the specific market, I believe that it will be adjusted for some time in the future, for example, for a period of time, there have been many reliable services provided by the third party enterprises to enter this field. We take Cape of Good Hope company as an example, we can see it has appeared in the development of enterprises focus on the one hand, and the timely introduction of the security transaction service with the bank level, but also will change the traditional manual transaction mode, automatic transaction convenience, greatly improve the.

2, users surge, but the number of WAP sites, content and quality are still very scarce, which makes the search engines do not eat enough, and no effort, because content is always the basis of search

4, and gradually moved to a relatively mature stage, wireless search has become a daily user behavior like Internet search, >

besides, what we have to focus on is… At present, some game enterprises also attach importance to the necessity of making virtual goods for their own profit. For example, at the end of 2005, the company suddenly announced that the grand grand part of the most popular online game as a free service, a new mode of operation will be applied to the grand three top online games — "legend" II, "and" Neverland "Legends of the world". For a time, people suddenly began to explore why even Shanda, China’s online game giants are beginning to point to profit model, mainly through the virtual goods transactions. In fact, the grand legend of the game is to extend it into life, but in any case, the transformation of enterprises we have to clear, virtual goods transactions not only profitable, and has been incorporated into the agenda. In fact, as early as before they have a grand game of "giant" orange free operation. "

analysis of the wireless search industry chain, and the combination of the most closely is the WAP Internet, a variety of conditions restricting the outbreak of the number of users, wireless search can only be a watcher for the moment. All sorts of business with more direct relation with 3G can wait silently, what does wireless search move restlessly, from the following, everybody thinks, how long is road still:

June 15, 2004, Anhui Province, Wuhu police cracked by selling their legendary equipment in the name of the network fraud, 18 young people aged 16-21 by asking for money and goods of virtual goods transactions cheated 500 thousand within a few months, when the victim will remit the money to the account, or they do not answer the phone, or shutdown or, abusive, or directly tell buyers "sorry, you cheated".

3, mobile phone internet entertainment in a very long period of time will still be the main behavior of users, is only the ringtone video content, not enough to stimulate the search demand strong, is not enough to support the wireless search huge profits dream

In fact, you just touch the

recently, the news about the wireless search only, occasionally jump out of only shlf1314 and 3G portal cooperation, 3G portal search products actually had, publicity has not only, I don’t talk about why they choose this time out to show off today, just want to say that now the wireless search company’s attitude

1, 3G licensing, operators should gradually improve the network, while doing user upgrades or new network work,

one key point: 3G, media speculation for several years, we also hope Baba for several years, the most reliable licensing time consumption has been quietly passed a speech to all the noisy MII officials, not before 08 3G! That is a fantasy, but not willing to awakening, others throw a large cold water head to, after speaking out in leadership, people from every point of view think, feel is gone, how to do it, or return to calm.

Look at the

because of the loose organization and management confusion of those individuals, groups and even companies, the whole market environment has become totally devoid of sincerity. Of course, one more important reason is that the transaction is conducted in a virtual environment, which provides an opportunity for fraud.


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