Analysis of love Shanghai snapshot and stop snapshot update

3, dragged down by Links also has been an important reason for snapshot site and stop updating, Links can play a role on the site in the key, but if your site in Links have been K phenomenon, so the Links on your site will be dragged down, a part of check Links and site remediation.

snapshot and stop updating this love Shanghai on your site has a different view, you might think that your site is very good, but the love of Shanghai do not think so, Shanghai love think your site a small problem, so we want to restore the snapshot must understand these problems from small start.

5, whether or not qualified, shortly before the love of Shanghai made several big update, in the open notes is to clean up the user experience is not high, pseudo original collecting site, I think if you >

know whether love is Shanghai’s own problems, webmasters should all know that long ago love Shanghai site:**** phenomenon, the phenomenon of love Shanghai later said in a statement is due, so snapshot of our website and stop updating can also love Shanghai public statement about the appropriate solution, so you can help yourself not tamper with your own website.


2, website space whether there is open or the Ping value high site phenomenon, is the basis of space, these days I have been in the focus space of this problem, because my site open space sometimes too slow, I always understand the performance of spatial search engine in Taobao, I found. A lot of space are blowing more fierce, but in fact their space often have many disadvantages, if your website snapshot stop updating the correction and detection software phenomenon, then you can install some 24 hours of space, found that there are not open phenomenon will immediately for you reply.

1, within 10 days whether the modified site settings, I in the A5 forum Zatan forum learned that a part of users to see their website keywords or web site title to their own site bring flow when thought to modify the site, so they will keywords and title to the site changes, and this time if your site does not take the relevant preventive measures, so will stop updating the snapshot or snapshot directly return to the previous site without modification.

forum in study found that many webmaster friends are talking love Shanghai snapshot of the problem, one of them says snapshot, others say the snapshot is not updated, A5 in the Q & a section we can see many webmaster friends in trouble, can not find a reason to stop updating the snapshot and. My website is also the case in the last few weeks, but after the diagnosis of a series of now my website basically restored the daily updated snapshot, I love to talk about Shanghai snapshot and snapshot stop updating some solutions, hoping to help to love Shanghai snapshot problem webmaster.

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