A move into the deep sea search is ready to pay less tuition.

mobile era iconic love coming, Shanghai third quarter earnings display, mobile search accounted for more than four. The double eleven Tmall is more than four, this year Shanghai love mobile traffic over the PC side of the overall. But it is best to combine their own industry, to see the love of Shanghai index. In fact, some of the popular industry than the PC or mobile traffic, for example, I in this industry fume purifier is PC and mobile ratio is about 3:2, so we should look at the whole, also depends on the specific circumstances of their own.

some time ago I also made a mobile search data test, because the site is also directly transferred from the PC terminal, so that the page there is a big problem, so that the transformation is especially poor, even the arrival rate has a problem, because the site is too long loading time too much. The data makes me feel a little deep water mobile search, but I know this is the future development.

but the difference lies in the bidding and network alliance, taking into account under the conversion of Shanghai dragon is the same, although Shanghai will love transcoding, including HTML5 mature, there is much difference between "won’t turn. The key factor is the mobile search and the PC side of the situation is not the same as mobile is the fragmentation of the time, do not spend a long time to see your content. If we end in order to take advantage of PC, the characters speak more clearly and use a large number of pictures, video content, to achieve better results. But in the mobile terminal can’t play.

mobile end user patience is much worse than PC, if you copy not retain users 4 seconds it can redo. According to the marketing process because it is 1-4 seconds 4-8 seconds is the user cognitive stage, the stage of interest, 8-12 seconds is the purchase stage. So with a focus on attracting users is very important, when we do pay attention to the PC end of the often large, I have what advantages to emerge, but in the mobile terminal can only find a most attractive user described, let users build curiosity or interest.

preferred if you use many pictures, open speed will be affected, this problem than the PC end if more serious, if not the case of WiFi users will immediately close your site. This also led to a lot of PC directly from the end turn "the biggest drawbacks, the other is on the transformation of considerations, mobile search than PC but also pay attention to factors of the page itself, the page copy and art factors are the most important inquiry.

of course it also said that not much is moving traffic or PC traffic we should put the mobile search to do it, even if the opportunity is good. I heard that the medical profession advantage can be large, at least now is not left behind, mobile search must do this is also a fact that the key is how to do, we can continue the PC era Shanghai dragon and bidding practice? Perhaps Shanghai Longfeng factor is at least as small, ranking the.


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