Several key of enterprise website optimization

I see is full of form, with the form of harm is not conducive to the spider crawling, and the table too much on the web site of the open speed. This points to the website optimization is harmful. So to put these tables into DIV+CSS is a headache problem.

second: table code abuse


third: image optimization problem

flash is common in the abuse of website navigation, this is the most deadly. Shanghai dragon Er all know the importance of site navigation, encountered this problem best to communicate with them, can replace the DIV+CSS navigation to replace. The truth is in effect not beautiful, at the bottom of the site plus a secondary navigation.


for sex extension in Shanghai Shanghai dragon Er, enterprise station is our face up to now, many enterprises have no network marketing consciousness, but there are a lot of Shanghai decided to have sex, love Shanghai bidding too "burn", as are in the minority. The enterprise up station optimization is relatively simple, not too much to consider, many that you should give a few words to love Shanghai page. But the time is tight. The author thinks that when the enterprise stand optimization generally need to solve the several key problems.

flash: first the problem of abuse

why do the first time love with table, instead of DIV+CSS. First of all, table code when editing more convenient, in the dreamwear can quickly form a good layout of the page. The second table compatibility to much simpler than DIV+CSS, understand the site the children all know to want to use several DIV+CSS compatible browser is very troublesome, so if you are the site of the people also use this form of high efficiency. I just found a corporate website. View the source code, as shown below:


enterprise station is generally flash flooding, the reason is that flash is very beautiful. Many enterprises want to better showcase their products to do when the site has not considered to have sex later ranked Shanghai. Coupled with the site of the people may not understand Shanghai Longfeng, just from the aesthetic point of view, the page program website. Many enterprises need love Shanghai ranked the station only to find the problem. The following figure:

enterprise station is to show a large number of products, so that the whole station product picture most, if not the most with the corporate news, basically the whole station are pictures, so many pictures need to think about how to optimize. The ALT attribute of the picture is essential, many enterprises are not in the source station. If possible to each.

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