Shanghai dragon is the analysis of a kind of life attitude of Shanghai dragon Er outlets

I see a lot of articles that have a lot of Shanghai dragon Er every day in the morning of the second day he anxious and fearful, scared up they find their site in Shanghai is not in love. Every day they are living in the shadow of love Shanghai, is this really is Shanghai dragon Er miserable place? I don’t think so. The last few days I’ve been thinking about us in the way? First I get a head paste, but I would like to go back one that actually way out in front of us.

third, down to improve the user experience of thinking, thinking ahead.

first, we answer a question: where is the basic starting point of love Shanghai adjustment, what is the fundamental purpose? Only one, is to improve the user experience, so as to avoid falling in love with sea appears a lot of garbage article, try to make the high quality articles displayed in front of the sea in ranking. This is the essence of love for the development of Shanghai, so this is the trend. Now Shanghai dragon chaotic era has slowly past, Shanghai Longfeng standard market will come. After the Shanghai dragon industry gradually changed the traditional industry and the same specification. So, we also try to follow the love of Shanghai, or can only be eliminated from the competition of Shanghai dragon. So, how are we going to follow Se on


love Shanghai in February 22nd, set off a great disturbance in Shanghai Longfeng industry, the station webmaster group to earn money so cool, this adjustment is no less than a big earthquake. But to have been used to stand group of friends, but not what feeling, even see myself standing rankings, it is grad

second, the depth of mining center thought their own website, according to the website of the theme, high quality writing classic, which can lead to high quality customer base flow health. A good article will bring a lot of traffic to the site, which has to push the site to the front of the users, such examples are not rare to see how you hold. As a foundation, is your station content is your customer would like to see, can give your customers to help, otherwise, why they come to your station? This is not by doing dumpster to bring some traffic can be compared, so to customer is your loyal customers, these customers will give you their own propaganda, not your hard hair article, they will write to your website. This is the highest level of the site.


first, to grasp the pulse of the development of SE, do not hinder development smoothly, otherwise, you will be knocked smashed to pieces. Just as love Shanghai adjust L-carnitine, now stations have been difficult to earn money again like before the garbage handy. Since we make money from the inside, we don’t hold do stand the thought of a web site, we need to further improve the user experience of thinking, after all previous capital accumulation is similar. If you like before, maybe you will lose everything.


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