Shanghai Longfeng detection behavior to the user site weight

I was wondering is it really? So I did a test, I use the XP operating system virtual machine to install a clean version, then do not install any network software, only the installation of a love Shanghai tool, this time I run a traffic monitoring software here, I finally opened a website, browse a few other pages, and then returned to the home page.

? This time

In fact,

I was in line to see an article that is a user if installed on the toolbar and then love Shanghai, directly in the local favorites or from the network search hidden clip in the open a website, and the user in the search engine to search for a keyword to enter the website, or directly from other website links enter this website. How to look at the search engine user behavior, the author emphasizes the user to open the site from local favorites or from the network search hidden clip, the behavior data generated will make the search engine that the users of this website is very strong, should give a comparison of the rankings.


traffic monitoring tool records only, my browser to the web server, network data transmission data request packets have been recorded only download network packets, when I click the browser favorites, add to favorites, click a flash in my collection button, traffic monitoring software I remind me, data upload operation, I according to the software to monitor the IP address, and then checked against the IP address location, just check to the server and then Beijing, and did not indicate the love of Shanghai Service >

I love Shanghai and the Google toolbar has been collecting data for search engines, which I believe that most people know that the data acquisition? Have the influence weight collection of data on the web site? We can make nothing of it! And we are going to discuss now is: the user of a website behavior in the end weight on the website of the influence how much? Is large, small or very little

search engine is very important user behavior data generated on a web site, I do not know that you agree with? But the search engine doesn’t guarantee it can get all visitors to the site to site to generate data, although the love of Shanghai and Google have developed their own tools, but their the installation rate is not very high. Most of them were forced to install up, we think of such a tool, and not what practical use to install up, why not such a practical benefit to users of the product, with sea and Google has also been a lot of human and financial resources in the promotion (in fact? This is the best to get the data of Microsoft

all these days has been on Google and love Shanghai tools in the study, I found some useful things, so write out and share with everyone. Tip: This article from the original Zhang Fangwen, I want to see more original articles please search for Zhang Fangwen, or directly log on my blog, my blog address is: Zhang Fangwen (phonetic) cards.

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