Shanghai dragon enterprise website should be good at finding their own shortcomings and advantages

Hello, I am virtual son rain. The front to introduce a lot of enterprise website of Shanghai dragon some ideas and suggestions, since the contact Shanghai Phoenix are optimized for the enterprise website, enterprise website is also very popular in Shanghai and Phoenix, one is dealing with the website, every day some data observation sites, progress will be very happy, another is a business deal, from them can learn a lot of new business models and experience. For a worker in Shanghai Longfeng, we stop doing business in Shanghai and Phoenix, must know how to find their own shortcomings and advantages, this is because we in many competitors to obtain the key ranking good winning points, the enemy can ever victorious.

last year I took a business website in Shanghai Longfeng, when technology is not mature enough, but the boss is nice, he put forward his own requirements: as long as make up, must see the effect, time can be a little longer, but it is best to be completed within two months. Analysis of the web site keywords competition is a bit large, so when the orders are disturbed and hesitation, but in order to earn some money to withstand the pressure on the next down. Do one thing, as long as determined to do, we should try to do a good job, this is my principle, also helped me get some success, I analyzed his short board for the information industry is not too familiar with the first contact, in this piece of content optimization needs a period of time to grasp, then the chain resources is not too much, but I also have two advantages, one is his execution, for his persistent degree in one of their favorite things is quite satisfactory, so the website optimization, I never worry about their execution, the other is a soft outside the chain your abilities, this is a pretty awesome optimization promotion methods, with the help of A5 and Chinaz in the portal platform, can be obtained outside the chain of high quality. So I press the mind, bold, in the process of implementation has been learning the knowledge of Shanghai dragon, also give full play to their execution, especially for content optimization, to update the 3-5 article every day, the soft chain is to promote a daily, plus auxiliary chain forum and the chain blog, fortunately, the station on the front page in 1 and a half months, and now has been stable for about half a year, the boss and the time of the exchange, the boss also said he made a point of going through this station, I do find a station this year. Learn to find their own shortcomings and advantages, let my weaknesses, at the right time to do things, this is the most fortunate thing Shanghai dragon.

, but many webmaster friends have experienced, but the real way to estimate analysis of their own advantages of short board is not much. Shanghai dragon must have a clear understanding of their own, in order to have a better control for Shanghai dragon, we are starting from their own to achieve control, especially enterprise station, more efficiency and conversion rate, can often help to enhance their own analysis of their strengths and shortcomings.

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